Tuesday, May 4, 2010


* Sunpenny Publishing and new imprint, Rose & Crown Books. Rose & Crown is specifically for Christian Romance books, and they run a New Novels competition annually, too. They are launching new books in spring of 2010, some of which are the results of our first competition. “We are the first and only (to our knowledge) publisher to be trying to bring this genre to the United Kingdom, where we are based.” Sunpenny takes Christian books, as well as secular; looking at both fiction and non-fiction. They recently published a book by the renowned Welsh missionary, father of Nations.org and World Horizons – My Sea is Wide, and are about to release a Christian novel called Going Astray. Another imprint, Sunberry Books, does author services (from critiques to proofing and editing services, or all the way to self-publishing).
Contact: Jo Holloway, Sunpenny Publishing, Rose & Crown Books, Boathooks Books, Sunberry Author Services, Staithe View, Horsefen Road, Ludham, Norfolk NR29 5QG, United Kingdom.

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