Wednesday, February 11, 2009


According to a 2006 national study*, 30% of active Christians** attend a small group or home group, and 61% attend a weekly Bible study. With the growth of small groups in local churches, Christianity Today International has launched, a site dedicated to giving small-group leaders everything they need to have an effective and healthy small group.

Sam O'Neal, Managing Editor, believes, " is a revolutionary way for churches to train small-group leaders and help them be effective in their ministries. Instead of spending lots of money on study guides and sending leaders to conferences for training, churches can now equip group leaders using one easy-to-use website."

Some popular features of the new site include:

Thousands of articles, ideas, and icebreakers that equip small-group leaders for their meetings

Over 50 downloadable Training Tools leaders can share and discuss or use for personal development

Over 200 downloadable Bible Studies that revolutionize a church's use of curriculum by allowing access to copy and customize for one low price

An expert panel of small-group leaders and authors that answer difficult questions pertaining to small-group ministry

A free social network that allows groups to post and respond to prayer requests, discuss Bible studies, connect with their church, and more.

People around the world are voicing praise for the new Seventeen premier leaders in small-groups church ministry serve on the editorial advisory board of One of them, Reid Smith, regional director of the Purpose-Driven Small-Groups Network, writes, "It was a no-brainer for me to subscribe to Collaboration is key to community-building and delivers ideas and material that I've used to encourage small group leadership around the country."

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*National Study of Christian Attitudes and Behavior conducted by Christianity Today International and Zondervan, 2006

**Based on their answers to key study questions, respondents were grouped into one of five well- defined segments of Christians in the United States, with active Christians being extremely strong in their beliefs and very active in the local church.

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