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Q - If my non-fiction self-help book is primarily targeted to non-Christian women, yet could also be valuable for Christian women, is it best to seek a secular publisher or a Christian publisher that markets to both?

A- This is an important question, because it deals with an issue many writers don't seem to understand. There are general publishers and there are Christian publishers--as you know. The reason for the two categories is because they each publish for a distinct segment of the market. The fact that there are Christian publishers is because they want to publish books for a definably Christian audience. For that reason they want their books to be specifically Christian. Obviously there are books like the one you describe that might well sell in both markets, but a general publisher will not publish a book if it is too religious, just like the Christian publisher won't publish it if it is not Christian enough. Many writers make the mistake of trying to strattle the fence and write a book that tries to hit both markets. The problem is that are not any stores to sell them in that are willing to try and strattle that fence as well. Try to sell the book to a general market, unless it too Christian. Whether or not it untimately sells to Christian readers will likely depend on your ability to market it to that audience.


This e-mail is long, but worth reading.

>Contact: Angela at or Richard at

>BREAKING DEVELOPMENT: We were notified by a PublishAmerica author that her book was available for purchase through Amazon on Tuesday but today the "buy" button for her book on Amazon is gone. We researched some other PublishAmerica books and it appears the "buy" button on Amazon has indeed been removed from the vast majority of their book pages.

Here is our original release on the issue from yesterday (March 27, 2008)

Some Print on Demand (POD) publishers are privately screaming "Monopoly!" while others are seething with rage over startling phone conversations they're having with Amazon/BookSurge representatives. Why isn't anybody talking about it openly? Because they're afraid - very, very afraid. purchased BookSurge, a small POD publisher/printer back in 2005. Amazon also lists and sells titles for the largest POD printer, Lightning Source, which is owned by Ingram (the large book distributor). According to their website, Lightning Source serves more than 4,300 publisher clients and has more than 400,000 titles in their system.

You'd think Amazon's purchase of BookSurge might have made things a bit uncomfortable between the two companies. However, they continued to work together, getting books on demand to's loyal customers. Things appeared to be cruising along just fine, but perhaps not anymore.

Reports have been trickling in from the POD underground that Amazon/BookSurge representatives have been approaching some Lightning Source customers, first by email introduction and then by phone (nobody at BookSurge seems to want to put anything in writing). When Lightning Source customers speak with the BookSurge representative, the reports say, they are basically told they can either have BookSurge start printing their books or the "buy" button on their book pages will be "turned off."

The book information would remain on Amazon, and people could still order the book from resellers (companies that list new and used books in Amazon's Marketplace section), but customers would not be able to buy the book from Amazon directly, nor qualify for the coveted "free shipping" that Amazon offers.

Don't believe it? I didn't believe it either. I am Angela Hoy, the co-owner of POD services company and publisher of I am well-known in the industry for my activism performed through WritersWeekly Whispers and Warnings. Over the years, we have helped writers recover tens of thousands of dollars in fees from deadbeat editors and publishers, helped them negotiate better contract terms, assisted writers in obtaining payment after their copyrights have been violated, and even assisted police in collecting evidence to prosecute criminals who have preyed on writers. I am also the author of 11 non-fiction books.

Still doubting the reports could really be true, I emailed an Amazon/BookSurge representative who's been trying to get us to talk to him by phone. John Clifford of Amazon/BookSurge called me at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26, 2008.

My first comment was to tell him we heard a rumor that POD publishers who didn't use BookSurge would have the "buy" button on their book pages turned off.

He said, "What? Who told you that? That's not true!"

I told him I'd heard some rumors from the "POD underground."

He said he'd previously tried to talk to my husband, Richard Hoy, the President and CEO of BookLocker. I explained that we had a very bad experience with BookSurge in the past and that he was, naturally, hesitant to do business with them again. (Google the words BookSurge complaint without any quotes to see other customers' comments about them as well.)

He claimed the people who worked for BookSurge back then are probably all gone (but that didn't explain the more recent complaints). He made his sales pitch, talking about percentages and such, and said many POD publishers are resisting their attempts to convert to BookSurge. Mr. Clifford also said BookSurge's aim was to help Amazon customers get their books faster.

What he didn't say was that Lightning Source not only packages books for Amazon customers in boxes that feature an return address label, but also drop-ships those orders directly to Amazon customers at Amazon's request. Hmm...

He stated several times that books not converted to BookSurge's system would be "taken down." Since that wasn't exactly what we'd heard, I asked about books that perhaps weren't selling well, that aren't good candidates for converting to BookSurge (books that would remain for sale through Lightning Source, but would never be converted to BookSurge due to the time/expense involved).

Contrary to what he stated at the very beginning of our conversation, Mr. Clifford finally admitted that books not converted to BookSurge would have the "buy" button turned off on, just as we'd heard from several other POD publishers who had similar conversations with Amazon/BookSurge representatives.

Mr. Clifford said authors of those books could participate in the Advantage Program, meaning they would have to pay Amazon $29.95 per year PLUS 55% of the list price of their book, as well as buy and then send those books to Amazon directly for them to warehouse and ship to customers.

I explained to him that we had more than 1500 books in print and that it would take quite awhile to convert all of those over to BookSurge's system. He said as long as the relationship was "moving forward" that the "buy" button would remain active on our authors' books that had not yet been switched.

Another comment Mr. Clifford made was that their eventual desire is to have no books from other POD publishers available on


I have to wonder if Jeff Bezos is even aware of what is going on within his organization. Here is Amazon's Vision Statement, taken directly from their website:

"Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online."

What it doesn't say is, "Our customers can buy any print on demand book they might want long as we also get paid to print it."

Nobody likes being backed into a corner, and saying "do this or else" naturally breeds angry rejection and hostility. If we did agree to sign the contract, pulling and transferring files to Amazon/Booksurge would take an enormous amount of time and money. From the POD publishers we've talked to, and from our own experience at BookLocker, we could all be looking at a dire and immediate threat of revenue cuts if we refuse to sign the Amazon/BookSurge contract. Most importantly, there could be an outcry from and potential financial hardship on the authors, who are completely innocent in all of this.

In BookLocker's opinion, and the opinion of all the fellow Lightning Source customers we talked to, the Amazon/BookSurge proposal does not appear attractive at all (yes, we obtained the contract and the file submission specifications). Amazon/BookSurge would make money two ways on sales - first the fee for printing the books, and then 48% of the list price of each sale through Lightning Source allows its customers to set their own discount rate for Amazon and other retail sales, and does not force POD publishers or authors to pay "48%."

Furthermore, it could take the larger POD publishers months to submit their book files to Amazon/BookSurge, at a considerable cost and number of man-hours. This makes the deal even less attractive. Finally, while the initial list of books submitted by POD publishers could be submitted to Amazon/BookSurge for free, the contract states future books would cost $50 each to process. The cost for individual authors to publish through BookSurge is considerably more, with an average publishing package cost of more than $1,000.

Since Amazon/BookSurge does not offer Ingram distribution (Ingram distribution is considered imperative in the industry for bookstore sales), any company that accepts the Amazon/BookSurge deal, who desires to keep offering Ingram distribution, may need to maintain two copies of the book files. Since the Amazon/BookSurge current specs don't match the Lightning Source specs, future book files, both interior and cover, may need to be formatted separately. So, they would have to pay double the setup fees and might have to do double the formatting work as well...or pay designers to do double the formatting work.

Likewise, self-published authors who believe they must have Ingram Distribution AND an active "buy" button on Amazon to be successful may need to pay double the setup fees (to a POD publisher AND Amazon/BookSurge), and also may need to create two separate sets of formatted files.

In the event where two versions of a book might be available, Mr. Clifford said the Amazon/BookSurge version of the POD book would trump (override) the version offered by Lightning Source on


When authors get wind of this, we believe they are going to be livid. Authors are also readers. They love books. We suspect they buy from Amazon in droves. I, myself, have been an Amazon junkie for years, not only heavily promoting in my non-fiction books for writers and on our very popular website,, but also listing my own books for sale there, ordering other authors' books, DVDs and numerous other products as well. I pulled up our Amazon customer account and looked at our receipts. We've spent $1508.81 at in the past six months. Multiply that by the number of authors this will affect...authors who, like me, have a multitude of websites to choose from when doing their shopping online.

In addition, authors participate in the Amazon experience, via blogs on the website, by posting reviews about other books, and more, activities that help to continually make Amazon bigger and better. Authors are a loyal bunch! For years, they've been faithfully sending their readers to, again and again, even when they earned lower royalties for doing so.

It's not inconceivable to think that this group, if shoved against a wall like this, won't simply pledge their allegiance elsewhere. Let's face it, offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more, too. Authors can change the links to their book pages on their websites, in their ezines and press releases, and even in their email signatures to their book's page at Authors can spend their own money elsewhere as well (as I plan to do). I imagine will be very happy to process the extra book sales that could result from all of this. might also upset countless companies that have Amazon Affiliate bookstores on their websites (many authors have these, too!). If Amazon/BookSurge were to follow through with turning off the "buy" buttons for thousands of POD titles, customers following those links from other websites could be confused and annoyed. After clicking on a link, they would find no easy way to purchase the book directly from Amazon, and no way to obtain free shipping on that book, even if they're willing to buy more products to meet the $25 free shipping threshold. One would think Amazon must know the free shipping strategy works to upsell customers on additional products. That's why they offer it. Without it, these customers could have no incentive to buy more products because the product they surfed in to buy does not qualify.

One has to wonder if traditional publishers will be next? Will Amazon eventually require all books sold through to be printed by BookSurge?

Let's all hope and pray this situation is one huge, misguided idea from some mid-level management person and not corporate policy being dictated from the office of Jeff Bezos.

What can you do? Let Amazon know what you think about this "offer" by Amazon/BookSurge.

The names of their Officers and Directors are here:

Amazon's Investor Relations Team email address appears near the bottom of this page:

Their address is:, Inc.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

Next, tell your author friends, your book buyers, your website visitors, your ezine subscribers and everyone else about this situation. was built on books. Books are written by authors. Unfortunately, it appears authors may ultimately be the innocent pawns in this power struggle.

COMMENTS BY READERS ARE WELCOME! Please email your comments to Angela and she will post them right here. Please let her know in your email if you do NOT want your name published. Email OR>


Angela Hoy is the publisher of, which offers free job listings and paying markets for freelance writers every Wednesday. Subscribe at She is also the publisher at BookLocker, which offers full-service, affordable print on demand publishing and free ebook publishing.


There is no reason to panic. We are not aware of any cases yet where the "buy" button has been removed. It is possible, after recognizing everyone's concerns, that Amazon might change its mind.

If they do turn off the "buy" buttons, though, not having an active "buy" button on is not the end of the world.

After selling books for eight years, it has been our experience that "chance purchases" of self-published books on are not the norm. Authors slap books up on all the time, don't market them, and sell zero copies. For most self-published authors, sales are almost always author-driven, meaning the bookstore link you use in your marketing efforts is what's driving your sales, not just simply having your book listed on

We know from experience that the customer is going to buy your book from where you tell them to buy your book. If you want your customers to qualify for free shipping, you can send them to, and tell them their order might qualify for free shipping (many people don't know offers free shipping!).

Direct Contact 1-800-457-8746

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Horace Greeley famously said "Go west, young man," then stayed back east and
made a fortune in publishing (which he then lost on a variety of crazy
schemes). EPA also urges you to go west -- to Portland for this year's
annual EPA convention. We can't promise that a fortune in publishing awaits
you at the end of the Oregon trail, but we can promise solid training,
inspiring speakers, and a great time of fellowship with your industry

You might be thinking, "Hey Mr. Director Guy, I'd sure like to go to
Portland, but it's a tiny bit more expensive to fly there than to fly to
Chicago, so I think I'll just stay home and watch TV." Let me respond by
saying that there's no need to call me "Mr. Director Guy" -- just "Director
Guy" will do. But let me also add that there's a free shuttle from the
airport to the hotel. And there's free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. And we've
lined up free downtown transportation for "dinner on your own" Thursday
night. Add it all up and suddenly staying home to watch TV doesn't seem like
a great career move, does it?

Those earlybird registration rates won't be around forever. In fact, they
won't be around next week. Please visit the web site and register now. (If
you have trouble with the web registration, drop me a line and I'll send you
a form you can print and fax.)

The publishing world is changing, and EPA is ready to help you meet the
challenges of the 21st century -- but you'll need to meet us halfway. Or
actually a little more than halfway. You'll need to meet us way out west in
Portland. Sign up today!

--Doug Trouten, Executive Director
Evangelical Press Association
P.O. Box 28129
Crystal, MN 55428
Voice: 763-535-4793

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FaithWords Launches for New YA Fiction Series

FaithWords will be entering the YA market in May 2008 with All About Us – a three-book fiction series, by Shelley Adina. To accompany the series FaithWords is announcing the launch of an interactive website on March 21, 2008. Featured book characters will post regular blogs on the website beginning April 1, 2008, interacting personally with readers and infusing the website with chatter about current movies, music, pop culture, style, news items and teen issues.


For two decades, the annual Christianity Today Book Awards have recognized outstanding volumes that shed light on people, events, and ideas that shape evangelical life, thought, and mission. This year, 49 publishers nominated 359 titles published in 2007. Rather than naming one overall winner, CT editors selected the top books in each category, and then panels of judges—one panel per category—voted. They chose 10 winners and also recognized 11 awards of merit.

An online link to the awards—including judges’ comments and other resources is available at

The 2008 CT Book Awards:

There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind by Antony Flew with Roy Abraham Varghese (HarperOne)

Biblical Studies:
The Jesus Legend: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Jesus Tradition by Paul Rhodes Eddy and Gregory A. Boyd (Baker Academic)

Christianity and Culture:
Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite by D. Michael Lindsay (Oxford)

Christian Living:
Caring for Mother: A Daughter’s Long Goodbye by Virginia Stem Owens (Westminster John Knox)

The Church/Pastoral Leadership:
The Call to Joy and Pain: Embracing Suffering in Your Ministry by Ajith Fernando (Crossway)

Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson (Thomas Nelson)

A Secular Age by Charles Taylor (Belknap)

Missions/Global Affairs:
Disciples of All Nations: Pillars of World Christianity by Lamin O. Sanneh (Oxford)

The Jesus Way: A Conversation on the Ways That Jesus Is the Way by Eugene H. Peterson (Eerdmans)

Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music by Jeremy S. Begbie (Baker Academic)


Sponsored by The Writer

The 36th annual Santa Barbara Writers Conference is June 21-26 at a beautiful oceanside resort in Santa Barbara, Calif. This year featured speakers include Ray Bradbury, Joseph Wambaugh, Sue Grafton, Jane Heller and Luis Alberto Urrea. But the heart and soul of SBWC are the more than 30 daily workshops offered in every genre, including literary and commercial fiction, nonfiction like memoir and magazine writing, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, humor and marketing. The week also offers a chance for writers to meet with agents and editors, Master Classes, special panel discussions and a Young Writers Program.


World Journalism Institute to Hold Pan-African Workshop

New York, N.Y.-The World Journalism Institute has announced that it will
hold the first ever pan-African workshop for African Christian journalists
January 17 - 23, 2009.

The weeklong workshop will be held on the campus of the African Bible
University ( outside of Kampala,

Open to all African Christian journalists, the workshop will comprise of
lectures, seminars, discussion and individual attention for the
participants. The institute will bring America journalists and educators to
ABC for the workshop. As teachers are arranged, information will be posted
on the institute web site (

The workshop fee is $100 (USD), and includes housing and meals on campus,
workshop materials and tuition. Attendees are responsible for transportation
to and from ABU.

Applicants must be proficient in English and complete the application
requirements as listed on the institute website.

WJI Director Robert Case said, "For years we have been getting inquiries
from African Christian journalists for training and encouragement. The time
seems right for us to go to Africa and offer our program in an accessible

For more information:
Kimberly Collins
World Journalism Institute
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1500
New York, NY 10118

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Q - As an experienced magazine writer, I don't need info on how to break in. I need info on what, in your opinion, are the three Christian magazine markets that pay writers the most and treat them the best.

A - That's a question I've been asked many times, so in response, I have come up with what I canll the "Top 50 Christian Periodical Publisher's Packet." At the prompting of questions like this I decided to come up with a scoring system for periodicals to determine which ones are the most "writer-friendly." They pay well, buy mostly first and reprint rights, send contributor's copies, etc. The packet includes a list of the top 50 (out of almost 700), a copy of their writers' guidelines, and an analysis sheet on each of the Top 50. There is a blank analysis sheet you can copy to analyze your own favorite publications. This is a must-have respurce for magazine writers or would-be magazine writers. Helps get you right to those top periodicals in all categories. You can order the packet in the bookstore on my Website (


The Howard Book, Mistaken Identity, will be featured on:

OPRAH -- Wednesday, April 2nd, at 4 pm central time

Today Show – March 27th and 28th
There will be two segments of interviews each day in the 7 o’clock and 9 o’clock hour

NBC Nightly News – March 28th

Dateline NBC – 2 full hours on March 28th starting at 8 pm CT

If you can catch any of the shows, it will be quite interesting. The Dateline story will be the most details.


The Canadian subsidy publisher, Trafford Publishing, has a new mailing address: 2657 Wilfert Rd., Victoria BC V9B 5Z3 Canada. All the other contact information remains the same.


March 25, 2008
Lee Warren

Blogging: Learn to use this tool like a pro.

Join Lee Warren in the CLASSroom this week and learn how to use blogging to enhance your marketing efforts (including the ever-important, establishing a platform). And if blogging is new to you, he'll be available to answer your questions about how to choose a service, what you need to know before you start, and anything else you might want to know."

"Lee has been blogging since 2003 and he has used all of the major blogging platforms, including Typepad, Word Press, and Blogger. He used to write a political blog and he has blogged in the past for a third party presidential candidate. He currently writes a personality based blog called Little Nuances, a baseball blog called Royal Reflections, and a Christian sports blog called The Christian Sports Blog. Blogs have opened all sorts of doors for Lee, including a discussion with a South Dakota legislator (even though Lee lives in Nebraska), invitations to several roundtable baseball discussions on blogs such as Ball Star (run by a writer for the Kansas City Star newspaper) and websites such as Baseball Digest, and he's been contacted by representatives of various athletes which has led to several profile articles being placed in magazines and newspapers. Little Nuances has been a finalist the past two years in the Weblog Awards, it has also been named "Blog of the Day" by several websites, as well as receiving a "Thinking Blogger Award" from a fellow blogger. Most recently, Little Nuances was mentioned in a NY Times blog."

Log In Instructions

The CLASS Online Curriculum is held each Tuesday evening in the CLASSroom. To enter the room go to and sign in as you would for a chat. The difference is that once you arrive you will receive valuable information from professionals in the areas of speaking, writing, publishing, marketing, personal appearance and more.

The curriculum will be offered from 8 p.m. until 9 p.m. Central time. (That is 6 p.m. Pacific, 7 p.m. Mountain and 9 p.m. Eastern) Attendees are welcome to stay as long as they like to discuss the subject matter or to ask questions and make requests for future classes.


Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of great books by fabulous authors are offered free by Zondervan from time to time to give you the opportunity to review and comment on them before they're available in bookstores. Available now: An Agenda for Change by Joel Edwards, and other books. Visit to learn more.

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Although I announced that Hope for Women Magazine went out of business last year, they are relaunching the magazine. Their Website is still under contruction, but they appear to once again be open to submissions. E-mail: Website:

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Q - I wrote for the Christian market for years--fiction, articles, Bible studies, curriculum, VBS, etc. Due to family needs I've been out for 2-3 years. coming back, I find not much market for freelance. What's your advice on how to break in.

A - This is a common problem for those who drop out of the market--even for a short time. This market changes so quickly that by the time they get back, many of the markets they wrote for previously are out of business or have changed their use of freelancers. When the writer returns and tries to write for the same markets they sold to previously, they often find the doors closed--falsely believing that there is no market. At that point, they really need to study the market all over again and find those new markets that are now open to freelancers. I add dozens of new markets to the guide each year--which is why it's important to get a new copy every year.


*Marketing people are looking for products that are easy to sell. They don't want to have to work to sell an odd product/topic with no defineable market.

* Over 50% of all books published never earn back their advance.

* Publishers want authors to earn back their advance within the first 18 months.

* Publishers have to pay extra to put your book on an endcap at the bookstores. They must feel that your book is worth it.

* If you hold out for a higher advance, that money could come out of the marketing budget for your book.

* The high advances paid to top authors do not have an impact on a new author's advance.

* Most publisher's don't break even until your book has sold 7,500-8,000 copies.

* Even if you sell a lot of books yourself, it does not register on the sales count for your book. The only sales they count are those that come through bookstores.


Pitney Bowes is currently offering "Stamp Expressions Personal Postage." You can get your picture--or a picture of your choice--on regular postage stamps, along with a text message (your book title?)or color border of your choice. 1. Go to, and upload your photo. 2. Customize the text message or color border. 3. Select postage value, shipping method, and submit.

Use offer code: PBCEMAILFSH. Offer expires 6/30/08. Go to for information on additional services offered by Pitney Bowes.

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Q - How important is it to have a platform as a fiction writer?

A - Good news--it's not important at all. Fiction pretty much has to stand on its own. Editors are looking for great writing. People buy fiction because they love the writing--they don't really care what has prepared you to write the book. "Platform" is something unique to the nonfiction writer. Fiction writers should spend their time polishing their craft.


From Writer's Digest Online editor:

For two months, we've been working diligently on a
full redevelopment of our website to make access to
our content much easier and the overall environment
more user-friendly. And guess what--it's finally ready!

Introducing the brand-new

There are all sorts of new features (from better searching
capabilities to genre-by-genre breakdowns to e-mailing
articles to a friend and more). Plus, the homepage
highlights live feeds from our blogs, more content
and, as always, our weekly tips and writing prompts.

So swing by the new site and check it out. To familiarize
yourself with some of the new functions, visit the
"Welcome to Our New Home" article featured on the homepage.

Click below to visit the new site:

Also, if you have a few minutes, we'd love for you to
share your feedback by taking our very brief survey:

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do. And,
if you have a blog or a website, we'd appreciate any help
you can give in spreading the word of our re-launch.

Thanks so much for your time.

Take care of yourself and your writing,

Brian A. Klems
Online Managing Editor
Writer's Digest magazine

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Q - How important is a platform when writing for Christian periodicals?

A - Where having a platform is becoming more and more necessary if you are writing nonfiction books, it really is not necessary for writing articles--although it could only help. Depending on what topic you are writing about, the editor does expect you to have some sort of credentials to write on the particular topic. That does not necessarily mean a college degree, but is more likely tied to your experience. For example, if you are writing on marrage or family issues, they would expect you to have been married for a good length of time or to have raised children. If you are are writing on theological issues, they may expect you to have a degree in theology or to be a pastor.

Writing on your topic for periodicals is actually a great way to start developing the platform you will need for selling a book. You want to do everything you can to see that your name is ultimately linked to the topic you write about. One of the best ways to do that is to write on your topic for as many different publications as possible. You want to become know as an "expert" on your topic.


I also wanted to alert you to an upcoming change for Mount Hermon. For the last few years, Mount Hermon has held a mentoring clinic in the fall, but that won't be happening in 2008. In its place there will be a "head-start" mentoring clinic offered during the two days prior to the regular spring conference. The dates for 2009 will be April 1-2 (conference is April 3-7). This session is especially geared to the beginning writer. (The mentoring clinics offered during the regular conference are geared to intermediate or more advanced writers.) You will meet with a maximum of 9 other writers and a professional mentor. You will be required to submit a sample of something you are writing and be willing to be critiqued in a classroom setting--as well as one-on-one with your mentor. An exciting opportunity for beginning writers. You may attend this head-start session whether or not you plan to attend the regular conference. For details, after December 1, 2008, go to the Mount Hermon Website at:


I just returned from the Mount Hermon Christian Writers' Conference where I oversee their Career Track. For those of you not familiar with the Track, I'll give a little more information. It is held during the regular conference, but is run almost like a separate conference. If you attend the regular conference, you go to the same Major Morning Session on a topic of your choice every morning. Then in the afternoon you have your choice of several workshops. In the Career Track, the participants spend both the Major Morning time and the workshop hours in the same track.

The Career Track is for "career writers" who have contracts for at least two books--at least one of which has gone through the complete publishing process. This year some of our authors had up to 40 books published. We were delighted to have such authors as Patsy Clairmont, Debbie Macomber, Karen Young, DiAnn Mills, and Robin Jones Gunn as participants in the class--as well as many other names you would recognize. The class focuses on the topics of interest to career writers--offering help, networking, and instruction at a level not covered at any other conference.

Although I oversee the track, the energy and creativity come from the rest of my team: Karen Ball, fiction editor at B & H Publishing; and Janet Kobobel Grant and Wendy Lawton from the Books and Such Literary Agency. These are people who know the industry inside and out and offer their expertise to the track as well.

This year's track exceeded even our expectations. Here are a couple of quotes from the evaluation sheets:

"These sessions have deepened my spiritual and professional outlook--and a renewed commitment to promote God through my books."

"This was so amazing, and I was so honored to be a part of this group. I learned SO much--and feel equipped and prepared as I move forward. I will always want to be in this group now--everything was so worthwhile. I loved it!"

Each year the track gets better, so we hope you will put this on your calendar for next year if you qualify. Dates for next year's conference are April 3-7. You must apply to attend this track, but you can do that (as well as seeing the full schedule for next year)starting December 1, 2008, on the Mount Hermon Website: This conference does not send out a printed brochure--all info is on the Website.


For the first time this year, Mount Hermon is sponsoring a Christian Songwriters Conference, August 25-28. Speakers will be Paul Baloche, Don Moen, Sara Groves, Phil Wickham, Joy Williams, Derek Webb, Charlie Peacock, and Bob Kauflin. Attend up to 8 elective classes. Explore the art and business of songwriting with the pros. For details and registration, go to:, or call 1-888-MH-CAMPS.

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Linda Raglan Cunningham Named Editor-in-Chief at Guideposts Books

Guideposts, the pre-eminent media company providing positive inspiration to the lives of millions of people through its leading book publications, magazines and outreach programs, has hired Linda Raglan Cunningham as the Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Guideposts Books and Inspirational Media. The announcement was made by Richard V Hopple, Guideposts President and CEO. Ms. Cunningham will report to Jonathan Merkh, Vice President Book Publishing and will be based at Guideposts Books’ New York City office. She replaces Marilyn Moore who has retired from the company.


Q - Currently I write devotionals under a work-for-hire agreement. These agreements leave little or no rights to use the material again later. Years ago I sold my work under a "First rights" policy. Is this outdated now or are First Rights agreements sill in effect?

A - You are right that Work-for-hire contracts do not allow you sell the same material elsewhere--ever. This is opposed to selling All Rights where the rights will revert to you after 35 years.

And, yes, First Rights is still the most common transfer of rights in publishing. For those who are not clear on rights, First Rights means exacly what it says--you are giving the publisher the right to publish your material for the first time. As soon as it is actually published and distributed the rights automatically revert to you, the author.


The Hollywood Insider Event is coming to Phoenix, AZ!

Go ‘Behind The Screen’ in Hollywood - For the Price of a Movie Ticket!


A dispatch from the Hollywood Mission Field
A Keynote Address from writer and Executive Producer, Dean Batali (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That 70's Show)
Our provocative, no-holds-barred, “ask us anything - and we mean ANYTHING” Hollywood Insider Q&A Panel featuring Dean and the Act One faculty

Friday, April 11, 2008 ~ 7:00-10:00 pm

Scottsdale Christian Church
7934 E Oak St
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Registration: $10 - register online today

Registration is still open for the Phoenix Act One Weekend
Friday 1-10pm and Saturday 10am-6pm

SPACE IS LIMITED - Visit to register online NOW!

Act One, Inc. is proud to partner with our co-sponsor, Scottsdale Christian Church
and additional sponsor Pepperdine University

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


If you're a journalist living in Oklahoma, you may want to check out the Oklahoma Media Guide that lists essential information on all Oklahoma-based newspapers--from state papers down to local city or county papers (no magazines). Cost is $50. For details and to order, go to: Click on Publications, then Oklahoma Media Guide.


YALSA and readergirlz are inviting YA authors around the world to
participate in an unprecedented teen literacy project.

We are partnering on a second teen literacy project, Operation Teen Book
Drop (TBD), after the success of our 31 Flavorite Authors for Teens program
last October. To build awareness for April 17, 2008, Support Teen Literature
Day, readergirlz and YALSA have organized a massive, coordinated release of
10,000 publisher-donated YA books into the top pediatric hospitals across
the country.

We now invite YA authors to celebrate Support Teen Lit Day with us.

How? Donate one copy of their book into their own community and join an
unprecedented online book bash: The TBD Post-Op Party.

Please feel free to forward this email to any authors who might be
interested in spreading the word about YA literature and teen literacy!

What To Do Now?

Authors, download a readergirlz/YALSA/TBD bookplate from the readergirlz
website (
) stating: “This book has
been graciously released by the author. Please read it with joy.” Paste this
bookplate into the book you plan to donate. Blog and bulletin about TBD and
your upcoming participation, and place the “I Rock the Drop” icon on your
site (

If you are a MySpace member, create buzz about your participation by joining
the readergirlz MySpace group forum(
Look for the thread in the group forum, “TBD Authors,” (click this link to
go to the thread) and post a reply that you plan to “Rock the Drop.”
Watch and participate in other readergirlz MySpace group forum TBD threads
as they are posted.
Drop a Book on April 17th
Leave one copy of your novel, with a TBD bookplate pasted inside, in a teen
gathering spot in your community. Place it where the book will be found,
taken, and read. (i.e. a coffee shop, the park, a community center, a bus

Join the TBD Post Op Party, April 17th We invite all participating authors
to join our online two-hour book party hosted at the readergirlz MySpace
forum (
), on April 17th (Support Teen
Literature Day), at 6-8pm Pacific/ 9-11pm Eastern. NOTE: you have to have
a MySpace account in order to participate. The chat will be in a thread
titled "TBD Post Op Party." The readergirlz divas will be giving away books
and prizes, chatting with teens, and offering hope.

With so many authors across the world participating at once with readers,
this will be an unprecedented event! This is the same day all 10,000
publisher-donated books will be dropped in pediatric hospitals across the
country, and it is the same day teen readers and librarians will have
released their own favorite books into their communities as you have.

Operation TBD has special meaning to the readergirlz divas. After
researching pediatric oncology wards for her novel GIRL OVERBOARD, Justina
Chen Headley spent a year purchasing autographed YA novels to donate to her
local Children’s Hospital, specifically because most hospitals do not have
comfort objects for teens. Lorie Ann Grover (ON POINTE) and Dia Calhoun
(AVIELLE OF RHIA) personally know the healing power of stories during
hospital stays, since they both live with chronic illness. Mitali Perkins
(WHITE HOUSE RULES) has recently joined the team and is eager to support a
readergirlz/YALSA special project. We all know that books can give teens
hope. Together, we can facilitate this exchange. If you have any questions,
I will be happy to answer them. Thanks for your consideration!

All the best,
Holly Cupala (author/readergirlz go2girl)

Barb Huff


New e-mail address for Skylar Burris at Ancient Paths is


Carol Susan Roth Literary & Creative
1824 Oak Creek Drive #416
Palo Alto, Ca 94304

A note from Carol:

I have been a literary agent in Palo Alto, Ca / Stanford University
since 1996.

There are listings about me and my work on my site,,
also Publishers; Writer's Digest; Literary Marketplace;
The Jeff Herman Guide to Publishers, Editors and Agents.

I am quite ecumenical but my big Christian book soon to be
released by Revell/ Baker is called Glimpses of Heaven - Trudy Harris

I have very good relationships with all the major Christian and most
of the smaller publishers.


Penned From the Heart has moved to 304 Stow Neck Rd., Salem NJ 08079-3431; 856-339-9422; Jana Carman is new editor. They prefer to see completed devotionals (up to 250 words)to be included in a book. Accepts e-mail submissions. Pays one copy of the book. Accepts reprints, and poetry to 24 lines.


Hey Gang--I owe you an apology. I had every intention of letting you know that I would be at Mount Hermon the last week. However, in my rush to get away, I never got back to do it. I at least wanted to let you know there would be nothing new posted during that time. Now I'm back and have lots of news to share, so you can expect many new postings to come.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm not able to announce general writing conferences in my marketing columns, but will do so here--in case they happen to be located where there are not any Christian ones available. You can certainly learn the craft of writing at such conferences and often get a new perspective on writing for general markets as well.

The Nebraska Summer Writers' Conference is scheduled for June 14-20 at the Universty of Nebraska in Lincoln. This is their 6th annual conference. Offers manuscript consultation, master classes, and week-long workshops in a wide variety of genres. For more information, e-mail updates, and online registration, go


This publication is looking for articles of no more than 7,000 characters--less than 3,000 characters are encouraged.Stories frequently reflect a Lutheran-Christian perspective, but no sermonizing or lecturing. Popular stories should show how God has intervened in a person's life to help solve a problem. Also needed are seasonal and special interest stories and stories reflecting God's presence in nature. Submit seasonal stories at least 6 months ahead. Submit Thanksgiving or Christmas stories by April 15 for the fall issue. Submit Easter stories by July 15 for winter issue. Pays $35 on acceptance. Accepts reprints (same payment). Complete guidelines on Website: This publication was voted one of the 50 best magazines by Writer's Digest.


Q - How can editing be gratiously refused because it seems more of a re-write than an edit?

A - I'm not sure what kind of editing this refers to. Whether a paid edit or the editing done at a publishing house, so I'll try to address both situations. If you are hiring someone to edit material for you, it's always good to have them do a few pages as a sample before you hire them. If this is for a book, I'd ask them to turn in what they have completed every few days so you can correct their approach before they finish the whole project. However, if you have already hired them and are not happy with the edit, you really need to tell them that and explain why. If you are paying, you should be able to get what you hired them for.

If the editor is at a publishing house, then things are a little more complicated. Actually I had that kind of experience with a how-to writing book I had written. Instead of the usual copy edit, she virtually rewrote every sentence. Fortunately the editor sent the edited pages periodically, so I was aware of what was happening right from the start. My mistake was trying to live with the changes--although in some cases she purposely changed material to say the opposite of what I had intended--but that she didn't agree with. Finally I had to go to the editor who was over this copyeditor and tell her what was happeneing. She was very apologetic and said I should have come to her immediately and she would have taken over the job herself. A hard lesson. As writers we have the right to stand up to preserve the integrity of our writing. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself in a situation like this.


Robert Walker, the man who published the first national cover story of Billy Graham, propelled Pat Boone's book on his encounter with the Holy Spirit to 2.5 million copies in six months, and inspired millions of Christian writers and readers alike, is dead at 95. He was also the very first editor to reject my very first freelance submission (with a personal note that said, "We prefer the anecdotal approach." Walker, editor emeritus of Charisma & Christian Life magazine, died at a retirement community in Carol Stream, Illinois. Although a former athlete and avid weightlifter, Walker had suffered from Parkinson's disease since 2005.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Who Wants To Make Their Book An Instant Bestseller?

Join us Thursday, March 13th and discover the ingenious "Bestseller Blueprint" smart authors are using to make their books bestsellers

FR: Steve Harrison, Book Marketing Update

Dear Author (or Future Author):

Like most authors I know, my friend Peggy McColl dreamed of seeing her book on the New York Times Best Seller List, the most prestigious bestseller list in the country.

Well, on May 20, 2007, Peggy saw her dream come true.

Her book "Your Destiny Switch" not only hit #13 on the New York Times Best Seller List for hardcover advice, but also #3 on Barnes & Noble and #2 on Amazon, just behind Harry Potter.

In less than a week, Peggy sold more books than 95% of authors sell in their lifetimes and surprisingly, it cost her practically nothing to do it!

Want to discover how she did it ... and how you can use her strategies to make your own book an almost instant bestseller?

I'm Steve Harrison, publisher of Book Marketing Update, and I'd like to invite you to a free telephone seminar this Thursday, March 13th. On the call, you'll hear me interview Peggy and her business partner Randy Gilbert about their proven formula for creating bestsellers.

Regardless of where you are in the publishing process -- whether your book is still in the idea stage, just published or even if it's been out for years, this is a call you won't want to miss.

Go here now to register for Thursday's call:

Here's just some of what you'll discover on the call:

* Peggy & Randy's ingenious yet simple, five-step Bestseller Blueprint any author can use to make their book a bestseller in only 38 days at almost no cost.

* How they've used the formula to make numerous books bestsellers and how one author used their method to sell 6,828 copies for $27 each without spending a dime on advertising (yes, that's $184,256.00 in sales!).

* Why their formula works for all types of books, fiction or non-fiction, regardless of subject -- whether they're self-published, POD, ebooks; newly-published or even those that have been out for years.

* Why you need absolutely no marketing expertise or experience to implement their Bestseller Blueprint.

* Big mistakes almost all publishers make selling books on Amazon.

* Case histories of several authors who've hit various bestseller lists using this approach.

* How the morning after hitting #5 on the Amazon List, Randy started getting calls from agents and publishers from all over the world interested in buying foreign rights.

* Want big-time publicity? You'll learn how becoming a Bestseller makes it much easier to get media exposure.

Again, there's no cost to participate in this telephone seminar except your normal long distance charges.

To register for Thursday's telephone seminar, go here:

Who knows, maybe I'll be seeing your book on the Bestseller List very soon!


Steve Harrison
Book Marketing Update


Q - How long should I wait for a response before sending my submission to a second, third, etc. publisher? Especially with timely subject matter, it seems like the waiting makes it less likely to be accepted (it will be out of date before I've worked my way through the list of possible publishers).

A - The answer is that you don't wait. With a timely subject--such as something tied to current events or even a holiday piece--you can make a simultaneous submission to all the publishers on your list (unless they say no simultaneous submissions). The important thing is that you always indicate it is a simultaneous submission. In your cover letter, just indicate that "Because of the timeliness of this issue, I am making a simultaneous submission to all interested publications, but will only sell it to one of them. I will let you know if it goes to another publisher and when reprint rights will be available if you would be interested in picking it up as a reprint later." Or something to that effect. In the case of a simultaneous submission, it is not necessary to tell the editor what other publishers you are submitting it to--since you are only going to sell first rights to it to only one of them.


May 14-17 are the dates of this year's annual Colorado Christian Writers' Conference. It will be held at Estes Park Center, YMCA of the Rockies. Keynote speakers include: Lissa Halls Johnson, Tom Ewing, Mary DeMuth and James Watkins, plus various faculty members. The conference offers a choice of 8 continuing sessions (attend every day)on a variety of writing topics for beginning through advanced writers--plus a wide variety of workshops. Another option is to attend daily sessions with a choice of 4 writing coaches: Craig Bubeck, Angela Hunt, Dave lambert, or Nancy Rue. Offers free one-on-one appointments and paid critiques. There is a discount on the registration if you register by March 15th. For more information, go to their Website at: You can also call or e-mail Marlene Bagnull, director, at 610-626-6833 or


Dr. MaryAnn Diorio has launched a new ezine for writers called The TopNotch Writer. To view the first issue, go to:


There have been some editotial changes at these two Focus on the Family children's publications. Suzanne Hadley has been promoted to editor of Clubhouse Jr. Magazine. For the last 7 years she's been associate editor at both children's publications.

Joanna Lutz has been promoted to assistant editor of both magazines. She was an editorial assistant prior to the promotion.

They have also hired Jamie Dangers as the new editorial assistant for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. Jamie is the one to send your submissions to for consideration for both of these magazines. Send to the same address: 8605 Explorer Dr., Colorado Springs CO 80920.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Barbour Publishing has promoted George Kourkounakis to president and COO—replacing Timothy Martins who will continue with the company as chief executive. Mary Burns has also been promoted to publishing VP.

Bridge-Logos has named Lloyd Hildebrand as publisher-CEO, and Steve Becker as COO. Hildebrand is replacing former president-CEO, Guy Morrell who passed away last May.

Naomi Breadley is now editorial manager for William Carey Library; 626-720-8202.

Chrys Howard is now senior editor and creative director at Howard Books. She is responsible for gift book acquisitions.

Moody Publishers has hired Dave DeWit to head its Church Life & Reference line of books. His associate acquisitions editor is Tracey Shannon. Andy McGuire now heads their Issues and Culture product line, and Paul Santhouse is director of acquisitions.

Dr. Michael D. Miller is Executive Publisher at NavPress.

New editor at Pauline Books & Media is Sr. Maria Grace Dateno, FSP.

Robert Williams is the new print editor at Episcopal Life Magazine. Matthew Davies continues as the online editor.


This book--now available in my online bookstore--is one of the best writing books out there. I've heard words of praise about it from editors and agents--as well as writers. It features success stories and inspired interviews from some of the biggest names in Christian publishing. Some are bestselling authors while others work behind the scenes in editing, promotion, as agents, or reviewers. You will get the inside views of such notables as Jerry Jenkins, Dr. Dennis Hensley, T. Davis Bunn, Angela Elwell Hunt, Terri Blackstock, James Scott Bell, and Brandilyn Collins--just to name a few. No matter what you're writing, you'll find valuable information in this book. Order from my Website bookstore ( Just click on Bookstore and scroll down until you see the correct title.


One of the goals of this blog is keeping you up-to-date on the most current marketing information. The question, then, is what should you do in response to the this information. There could be a number of responses in addition to making the changes in your guide—depending on the information and your relationship—if any—with the publisher. If I announce a new publisher, and they are looking for the types of material you write, get something off to them right away. Chances are they are looking for writers with your qualifications.

If a publisher has gone out of business, and they have a manuscript of yours or owe you money, you’ll want to contact them immediately. If I identify new agents, you may want to add them to your list of potential agents if you are in the market for one. If it’s a new conference or group in your area, you’ll want to check those out as well. It’s always helpful to connect with other writers in your area. If it’s a new resource that would be helpful to you, check on it before you forget and miss that opportunity. I think you get the idea. There are so many ways to take advantage of this new information--and most will help to boost your writing career in some way.


Q - Does it matter to a publisher if I attend a small church versus a mega-church with over 5,000 members? I love my small congregation of 400 people, but also don't have the advantage of a large congregation to sell to.

A - It really doesn't make a lot of difference (if any) to a publisher. Yes, you might have more potential customers in a large church as well as a few other opportunities, but you're only talking about a few hundred copies at the most. When a publisher is looking at good sales figures, he's thinking in the thousands. Often a publisher will not even know what size congregation you attend. On the other hand, if you do attend a mega-church and they have pledged you support in the way of an autograph party, speaking opportunities, TV or radio exposure (if they have their own programs),promotion within the denomination, etc., you can certainly list those in the marketing section of your book proposal.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


We had a great response to the recent Teleseminar on the topic of marketing. With about 244 questions sent ahead, there was no way we could cover all of them in the time alloted. for that reason, I'm going to address one question every day or so stay tuned and I hope I'll get to yours. Here's the first one:

Q - What is your opinion of self-publishing and should it ever be a first option?

A - I suggest that writers try the royalty publishers first, unless it is a book with an obviously limited market--such as a family history. If you find no royalty publishers are interested, then you might consider self-publishing if you have a very specific, targeted audience that you know you can reach with the book. If you have a well-developed speaking ministry or are tied to an organization with an obvious interest in your book, then self-publishing could be a good option. With wide distribution, a self-published book can actually net more income than you could make through a royalty publisher. It is almost impossible to sell a self-published novel--since there is typically no well-defined audience. I would consider it as a first option only if it is nonfiction and fits the parameters mentioned above. Or if you want just a few copies for family or friends--in whcih case print-on-demand might be your best option.


Please drop the Central Georgia Christian Writers' Group from the Group section of the market guide. This online-only group has apparently disbanded.


I just got word that BigScore Productions, a literary agency, has changed their policy and is now charging a $50 "processing fee" for unsolicited submissions. If you want to send them an unsolicted submissions, put your e-mail address in the subject line and send it to You will then receive an invoice from PayPal requesting payment with a major credit card. Once they get the payment they will ask you to send your work. In response you will either get a paragrpah on why they want to further consider your work (at no additional cost), or why they are passing on your proposal.I don't recommend working with agents who charge reading fees.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Baker Publishing Group announces that Gary Johnson and Carol Johnson have stepped aside from their respective roles as President and VP/Editorial, Fiction at Bethany House Publishers as of February 29, 2008 after decades of productive leadership. They will continue on a part-time basis focusing on acquisitions and special projects.

Jim Parrish has been named executive VP and director of Bethany House Publishers effective March 1. With a background in Christian retail, Parrish has worked in various management roles within the company since 1984, including most recently VP and director of administration.

Also on March 1, David Horton became VP/editorial, fiction. Horton joined Bethany’s editorial team in 1998 following stints at Tyndale House, Scripture Press, and Cook Communications. Horton currently serves as Editorial Director, Fiction.


David C Cook won a total of nine awards at the American Advertising Federation’s 2008 ADDY® Awards including a gold award for excellence in product design for the 2008 VBS, Cosmic City, three gold awards for publication design of Finding Home: An Imperfect Path to Faith and Family, Red Letters: Living a Faith that Bleeds, and The Clear Light of Day: A Novel and a silver award for the 2007 ICRS trade show exhibit. In addition, David C Cook was awarded four ADDY® Awards for corporate identity including, logo design and business and marketing collateral.


FR: Terry Whalin

RE: May 5th Teleseminar with Sally E. Stuart

As I promised you, I'm sending the replay link for last night's
amazing teleseminar with Sally E. Stuart, author of THE

Sally explained that each year 90% of the entries change--which
is why you need a new copy of this resource. Plus she invited
everyone to "lock in" their price of the guide. If you hurry and
order, you "could" lock in at An annual rate of $29.99 for this guide book which is sure to increase in price in the years ahead--an incredible value. Just use the
large button on the replay page at: <--- listen now

Or you can use the links to download the full teleseminar and listen
to it on your computer or iPod.

-->>> Download Your Bonus Gift <<--
At the top of this page make sure you download the bonus gift: <-- Bonus Gift

Anyway, that's it for now. The information on this call is
filled with practical content for any writer so listen to it right
away. I hope our paths cross again soon...

W. Terry Whalin
Scottsdale, Arizona

Get Terry's FREE Right Writing News & Over $100
of FREE Ebooks with your subscription:

P.S. If you want free instant access
to a wealth of publishing information, it is
now available online, just visit: <-- My blog
And then in the right-hand columm, go to the Google
search tool and type-in: "WHATEVER TERM YOU WANT",
then select my blog and press "Search."

CBN.COM NEEDS ARTICLES is preparing a special in-depth section related to the upcoming Disney and Walden Media film "Prince Caspian." We are looking for articles, book excerpts, video clips, and interviews related to the movie, the "Prince Caspian" book, the Narnia series, or C.S. Lewis. All text submissions should be between 750 to 1000 words -- though some excerpts or interviews can be divided into parts if they are longer. Text submissions should be sent as attached Word documents via e-mail to me at Please also include the JPG of any book cover art or images, the author's photo, bio, e-mail, and links to pertinent Web sites.

Any video should preferably be 3 to 5 minutes in length, although we will consider longer video if we believe it will work with the overall special page.

The page will be similar in design to other special sections like these:

Amazing Grace Movie:

Reclaiming the Covenant:

The Da Vinci Code:

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe:

We plan to launch this special section on March 31st. Please send any submissions by March 17th. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions, or you can call me at (757) 226-3557.

I appreciate your interest in and look forward to hearing from you.


Craig von Buseck
Director of Ministries
977 Centerville Turnpike · Virginia Beach, VA 23463
Tel: (757) 226-3557 · Fax: (757) 226-3575 ·

Thursday, March 6, 2008


This publicist has moved to a new suite at the same address: 333. N. Michigan Ave, Ste. 1810, Chicago IL 60601. Other contact information remains the same: 312-422-1333; fax 312-422-1533;


CLASServices is adding new programs and resources to help speakers and writers improve their skills and strengthen their ministries.

One new resource is the Better Bookings Speech Critique Service.
This service is provided by Wildfire Marketing and Rob Eagar, who has over 17 years of professional and ministry speaking experience.

Better Bookings is designed to help improve your keynote speeches and take your speaking career to the next level. Here's a sample of the results you will experience:

* Identify the blind spots that are sabotaging your messages
* Direct guidance about how to improve your communication skills
* Increased feeling of confidence when you take the stage
* New capability to create referrals and requests for speaking engagements
* Greater ability to get the speaking fees that you're worth

How does it work? Send a copy of your recorded speech on audio CD along with the written outline or notes that you use. Then, choose from one of three critique options that fit your budget. All options include written critique and a personal phone call.

Special introductory pricing and a 10% discount are available
for the next 30 days. For more info, call WildFire Marketing at 1-800-267-2045 or contact Rob Eager (rob/ Get pricing and details at Wild Fire Marketing (

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just reminding you that it's not too late to sign up for tonight's teleseminar.

Where do you find answers to your marketing questions about writing for the Christian market? What if you could ask me any question about marketing then listen for the answer?

I've been writing for the last 40+ years, and for the last 23 years, I've been putting out the annual "Christian Writers' Market Guide." As marketing columnist for Christian Communicator, Advanced Christian Writer and Oregon Christian Writers, I am considered the leading authority on the Christian market. I travel the nation speaking at many writer's conferences.

As you know, in the last few weeks, the latest edition of the 2008 Christian Writer's Market Guide is available.

I'm telling you this because Terry Whalin has convinced me to be grilled on marketing questions on the Christian market during a LIVE 70-minute telewebcast on Wednesday, March 5th!

* * * Here's My Small Request * * *

Rather than have the "content" come out of my head (or Terry's head) for the March 5th 2008 telewebcast at 4 p.m. PDT / 7:00 p.m. EDT, I decided to let you ask me a question.

So, if you could ask me ANY question you wanted about marketing for the Christian writer, what would your question be?

Here's your chance to ask me directly and get registered for our call on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 (starts promptly according to

Go to the link below:

* * * Get FREE "On Marketing" chapter from my book "Getting Published" * * *
You will receive a full chapter from "Getting Published." It's FREE if you ask a question and register for this telewebcast.

Go to the link below:

After your question gets submitted, you'll find out how to get phone access and webcast access to Terry Whalin and me for our LIVE telewebcast, March 5, 2008.

Sally Stuart

ps. If you can't make the time of the call, please go ahead and sign up anyway. The entire teleseminar will be recorded and EVERYONE who signs up will receive an email with the replay link. Also if you sign up, you will be able to download the FREE marketing chapter right away.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


With a tax deadline a little over a month away, I realize many of you are struggling with tax questions that are often unique to the writer. Where do you find answers to how and when to claim your writing as a busines, what writing-related expenses are deductible, what forms do you fill out--and the questions go on. I just wanted to let you know that I have an inexpensive booklet in my bookstore that will answer all those questions and more. The spiral-bound booklet, updated for 2008,is called "Totally Honest Tax Tips for Writers" and is written by Sandy Cathcart--an active, successful freelance writer and former licensed tax preparer--so someone who knows both businesses well. The booklet is also full of tips that will help you organize your writing business. The booklet is only $12 including postage, and you can order it at my Website bookstore at


The cost of a one-ounce, single-piece First-Class Mail® letter will increase from 41 to 42 cents on May 12, 2008. This is just one of a number of changes proposed by the USPS, with all price increases at or below the rate of inflation (as measured by the Consumer Price Index.)

New Sunday Service
New prices for Express Mail® and Priority Mail® will be announced in March. But the USPS has already announced that in addition to the normal Monday-Saturday delivery options, you can also select Sunday and Holiday delivery

Monday, March 3, 2008


The King's College unveils 'Semester in the City' initiative

NEW YORK­ The King’s College is excited to unveil
its latest initiative, Semester in the City.
Semester in the City provides an opportunity for
college and university students to study “abroad”
for one semester at The King’s College located in heart of New York City.

Semester in the City combines the best of The
King’s College idea-driven curriculum with the
uniqueness of New York City to create an intense
and powerful educational experience. With a fall
semester focus on journalism, and a spring focus
on business, students will study with renowned
faculty and practitioners while taking advantage
of the opportunities offered in the media and finance capital of the world.

The fall journalism focus includes courses such
as Introduction to Biblical Journalism, taught by
provost of The King’s College and editor-in-chief
of WORLD magazine, Dr. Marvin Olasky, and other
renowned journalists, and Logic taught by famed
author/philosopher, Dr. Peter Kreeft.
Additionally, both the journalism and business
focuses include Introduction to the City, taught
by premier urbanologist, Dr. Anne
Hendershott. The business focus will expose
students to seasoned business professionals and
give them the opportunity to experience some of
the world’s elite institutions first hand.

While part of Semester in the City, students will
live in The King’s College housing located in the
heart of Manhattan. This prime location puts
students blocks away from the world’s most
powerful news organizations and some of the
country’s leading journalists, as well as
strategic businesses. They’ll experience life in
the city in such a way that will change their outlook forever.

If you would like more information about Semester
in the City, please call (212) 659-7297 or email
us at

The King’s College is a Christian liberal arts
college located in the Empire State Building in New York City.

For more information about The King's College please contact:
Sharon Denney


As more and more subsidy/cooperative publishers become a part of the Christian publishing scene, I am getting more and more questions about the different types of these publishers—and what the various terminology means. This month I want to give you a few definitions that will hopefully clarify some of those terms for you. (1) Royalty Publisher—also known as a Commercial Publisher, Mainstream Publisher, or Traditional Publisher. With this type of publisher, they pay all the expense of producing the finished book—the author pays nothing. These publishers are very selective, as they are footing the bill. Many of these publishers now expect you to be represented by an agent. (2) Vanity Publisher – The author pays the full cost of publishing the book. These publishers will publish any book as long as the author is willing to pay for it. Some may offer help with editing, marketing, warehousing, and limited promotion—but don’t expect much. (3) Subsidy Publisher – The author pays all or most of the cost of producing the books. Usually they are more selective about the books they publish. In some cases the author is responsible for the final editing and making decisions as to interior design and cover design. The books belong to the publisher and the author buys books from the publisher at an established discount. They sometimes pay royalties on the books they sell, but the author will be responsible for most or all of the distribution/sales. (4) Self-Publishing: The author has full responsibility for the production of the book. They must arrange for the final edit, cover design, printing, etc., finding the best prices for all these services. The author owns all the books and makes all the profit from the sales.


When I evaluate manuscripts for people, one of the most frustrating aspects I face is the fact that many writers will write whole books without knowing the basics of getting the material on paper. It’s frustrating for me that I have to send them back to start over, and I’m sure it’s even more frustrating for them to realize that much of their work has been in vain. Although you don’t have to take any particular instruction or earn any degrees to become a writer, I want to encourage you to learn as much as you can about the process before you take on any major projects.
It’s true that you learn a lot about writing by actually doing it, but there’s a lot to be said for knowing all there is to know about how it is done correctly before you start. With so much competition in the marketplace, it will be to your advantage to present editors with material that reflects that know-how and professionalism.
For that reason I want to encourage you to attend conferences where you can get those basics down pretty quickly; read books on writing—both general books on how the publishing process works and books on how to write the particular type of writing you are interested in. It might be novels, devotionals, how-to books, children’s picture books, Bible studies, or poetry. There is also a number of writing courses available on tape or directly from the Internet. Many of the online sites offer a good deal of instruction for free. (See pages 76-82 in the 2008 Christian Writers’ Market Guide.) These days with so much help available, there’s no excuse for entering the marketplace without the basic skills necessary to impress an editor.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL SCREENWRITERS COMPETITION, 1604 Nueces St., Austin TX 78701. (512)478-4795. E-mail: Website: Offers two first prizes for unpublished screenplays in the Adult/Family and Comedy categories. Deadline: May 15 (postmark). Entry fee: $40. Prizes: $5,000, plus travel expenses and admission to the festival.


* May: Inspirational Writers Alive! East TX Seminar; Tyler, Texas. Contact: Maxine Holder, 4785 FM 1248, Rusk TX 75785-5254; 903-795-3986; Speaker: Jory Sherman.
* May 2-3: American Christian Writers Atlanta Conference;Atlanta, Georgia. Contact: Reg Forder, P.O. Box 110390, Nashville TN 37222; 1-800-21-WRITE;;
* May 2-3: Antelope Valley Christian Writers Conference; Quartz Hill, California. Contact: Don Patterson, 6223 Almond Valley Way, Quartz Hill CA 93536; 661-722-0891;;
* May 2-3: Northwest Christian Writers Renewal; Seattle, Washington. Contact: Judy Bodmer, 11108 N.E.141 Pl., Kirkland WA 98034; 425-488-2900;; Speaker: Cec Murphey. Editors and agents in attendance.
* May 3: Georgia Writers Spring Festival; Atlanta, Georgia. Contact: Lloyd Blackwell, 3049 Scott Rd. N.E., Marietta GA 30066; 770-421-1203;
* May 7-9: Evangelical Press Assn. Convention; Portland, Oregon.Contact: Doug Trouten,P.O. Box 28129, Crystal MN 55428; 763-535-4793; fax 763-535-4794;;
* May 9-10: American Christian Writers Nashville Mentoring Conference; Nashville, Tennessee. Contact: Reg Forder, P.O. Box 110390, Nashville TN 37222; 1-800-21-WRITE;;
* May 14-17: Colorado Christian Writers Conference; YMCA Estes Park Center; Estes Park, Colorado. Contact: Marlene Bagnull, 316 Blanchard Rd., Drexel Hill PA 19026-3507; phone/fax: 610-626-6833;; Editors in attendance.
* May 18-22: Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference; Lifeway Ridgecrest Conference Center, North Carolina.Contact: Ron Pratt; LifeWay Christian Resources, One Lifeway Plaza, Nashville TN 37234; 615-251-2065; fax 615-277-8232; Editors and agents in attendance. Sponsors a contest and offers critiques.


Excellent Christian Writing Teacher Wanted- To teach various writing styles to 7th and 8th grader homeschooling co-op students in North Scottsdale three Tuesday a month from 10:30am to 12:15pm. Class will consist of 8 to 10 students. If interested, contact Laura at