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Was sorry to hear that Focus on the family has decided to drop their three teen publications: Brio, Brio & Beyond, and Breakaway. At this point they are hoping they can find another organization/publisher to pick up these publications and continue their ministry to young people. They would appreciate your prayers to that end.


If you'd like to keep up with what is happening with some of your favorite authors, you can receive a monthly newsletter from the Christian Authors Network with all the news about your favorite authors, new books coming out, etc. You can also sign up for their fiction and nonfiction book clubs, allowing you to receive the first chapter of their new books via email so you can read that much before deciding if you want to buy. If you think you might be interested, be sure to sign up online at

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I would like to wish all fo you a very Merry Christmas. We have a foot of snow here in Oregon with 3-8 inches more coming tomorrow. Biggest snow event here in 40 years. We aren't used to this kind of weather. My hubby cleaned a foot of snow off the car today and tried to put on the chains--only to find that they didn't fit this car. Has been years since we have needed chains. Not sure how we're going to get out to get food for Christmas and an open house on Saturday. No chains in the right size to be found anywhere at this point. Looks like it will be an interesting Christmas for us.

The reason our car was in the driveway is because the garage is full of the new market guides. Can't start sending them out until after Christmas, but if you haven't ordered your copy, now's the time to do it so your order will go out with the initial mailing. Just go to my Website to order it: Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. God bless.

Monday, December 22, 2008


CandyCane Press and Ideals Children’s Books imprints of Ideals Publications will not be accepting manuscript submissions until further notice.


Patsy L. Jay, Administrator of Contracts
Ideals Publications, a Guideposts company
2636 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 120
Nashville, TN 37214


Novel Teen Book Reviews is a blog that reviews books for teens of all ages. Our site works as a database allowing the viewer to search for books by age range and genre. We are constantly adding new books to our ranks. Contact Jill Williamson at for more information or check out the site at

Jill Williamson

Friday, December 19, 2008


If you are attending the Mount Hermon writers conference in April please consider participating in the Buddy System for first timers. The Buddy System is a program designed to help first-timer registrants arrive at the conference better prepared and ready to make the most of the Mount Hermon experience. There are 2 ways to get involved:

1) As a First-timer - If you are attending Mount Hermon for the first time you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect, pack, wear, etc. The Buddy System matches you with a conference "veteran" (meaning the individual has attended this conference at least once) who can answer your pre-conference questions via e-mail.

2) As an experienced Buddy - If you have attended the conference before (even one time) you have a lot to offer a person who has never been. Please consider being available to a first-timer to answer the questions and concerns that so often come up before a big conference like Mount Hermon. All correspondence is done over e-mail (unless you decide to incorporate phone calls). You are NOT expected to critique, room with your first-timer, hold his/her hand throughout the conference, or promise introductions to editors and agents. This is simple a pre-conference preparation help. Many have told us that serving as a buddy has been a huge blessing.

Buddy pairs will be matched a month before the conference. Women are matched with women and men with men. We can¢t promise this but we also try to keep writing interests and conference goals in mind.
To sign up or get more information please e-mail me privately at

Jeanette Hanscome


Q - Can you speak to Christian writers using pen names? Although much of Christian writing should be done with the "real" name, what if a writer chooses a pen name for fiction or uses one in the general market? How does this influence publication?

A - It is perfectly acceptable to use a pen name in most cases, but is generally not advisable unless you have a specific reason to do so. As a writer you want to build name recognition for your own name. There are a number of legitimate reasons for using a pen name, such as:

* To protect your identity and that of other people involved if you are writing on a sensitive subject.

* If you write in two widely different topic areas and you don't want to confuse your readers, such as Romance fiction and Bible studies.

* If you write in both the Christian market and the general market, you may want to use a pen name for one of those to avoid confusion.

* If you write a lot in one topic area for only a few different publications, the editors may want to use a pen name on some of the articles so it doesn't look like the same person is writing everything.

Those are some possibilites. If you want to use a pen name, be sure to include a cover letter to the editor that explains why. Most will be willing to honor that. On the manuscript you submit, put your own name in the upper, left-hand corner (your check will be made out to that name), and use the pen name in the byline.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Unfazed by the global economic meltdown, publishers launched 335 new magazines in 2008, according to, which tracks new launches in its online database. The categories seeing the most action are health, with 31 new titles; regional, with 25 new titles; and cooking and epicurean, with 17 new titles.

The number is somewhat less than the roughly 600 launches tallied between October 2007 and September 2008 by Samir Husni, a journalism professor at the University of Mississippi also known as "Mr. Magazine."

MediaFinder said the surge in the health category reflects the increasing interest in health-related matters among aging baby boomers, whose leading cohort (born 1946) entered its 60s earlier this decade. One of the biggest new launches in this category was Spry, a newspaper-distributed magazine from the Publishing Group of America, which debuted with a circulation of 9 million in September. HealthyStyle, a competing newspaper-distributed title from Hearst, launched around the same time. Other big health category launches were Autism Research, Therapy Times and Living Well.

Regional magazines launched this year included Michigan Avenue, Orange Appeal and Mountain Time Magazine. This category, like others, has had its setbacks, including the closing in June of BusinessWeek's experimental Chicago edition, and the shuttering of Atlanta Peach, a luxe title for well-heeled citizens of Atlanta, earlier this month.

Finally, the food category has seen some high-profile launches, including the Food Network Magazine, published by Hearst in conjunction with the popular cable network. It is the latest in a series of magazines developed by Hearst around popular TV brands, including ESPN The Magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine, and the less successful Lifetime, which closed in September 2004.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just wanted to let you know that I'll be doing a free teleseminar with Terry Whalin on Wednesday, January 28. You can ask any question you want on writing or marketing and we'll get to as many of them as we can. To sign up and ask your question, go to:

Monday, December 15, 2008


If video killed the radio star, then software killed, or at least maimed, the print industry. However, one software company doesn't think print is ready for the morgue just yet.

"Paper isn't dead," said Bob Pritchett, President of Logos Bible Software, "and while more and more people are discovering that it's an awkward format for a ten volume Greek lexicon, it still remains a very attractive, portable, friendly, accessible, and bathroom-compatible format for browsing."

In November, Logos Bible Software, a 17-year-old software company, launched its first print publication, Bible Study Magazine.

Logos Bible Software, which develops industry leading software for Bible study, realized that there are many people who know very little about how to study the Bible. Logos is hoping that Bible Study Magazine will change that by introducing readers to resources and approaches to studying the Bible.

"For searching the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, there's no better tool than Logos Bible Software," said Pritchett. "To introduce someone who's never thought of them to the Fathers and explain how their writings can illuminate our Bible study and encourage us in our faith? That's a job for Bible Study Magazine."

The customer response to Bible Study Magazine has been impressive. Bible Study Magazine's inaugural issue (Nov-Dec 2008) had a controlled circulation of 10,000 and since the initial distribution over 6,000 more people have subscribed.

Bible Study Magazine, which ships six times a year, will deliver tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights into the Bible from respected voices in the church and biblical scholarship.

Subscriptions are available at

About the Company
Logos Bible Software, a privately held corporation located in Bellingham, Wash., is the leading publisher of high-end, award-winning, multilingual Bible software. The company serves church, academic and lay markets, striving to bring the best in software innovation to Christians worldwide. Logos can be found on the web at:

Contact: Ryan Burns (360) 685-2320

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Mark Tavani, the Senior Editor from Random House shares his perspective on what is happening in the book industry. Go to:

Thursday, December 11, 2008


"Start Your New Year Off WRITE!"

The Writer's Cocoon is a highly applauded, exhaustive and comprehensive workshop for writers that is effective regardless of which stage of the craft that you are in.

Aspiring writers: If you wish to know more about the craft and the industry as a whole, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

Novice writers: If you have written a book or are looking to go through the process of self-publishing, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

Self-published authors: If you want to sharpen your craft and/or find out more information on how to better your chances of being noticed by mainstream publishers, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

Mainstream published authors: If you've been trying, without success, to reach national bestseller status, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

The Writer's Cocoon is facilitated by its founder, 7-time national bestselling author, Kendra Norman- Bellamy, and is geared toward writers of all genres. During this four-hour class, students are provided with priceless information to help them get through the writing, publishing and marketing process.

ONLY 20 SPACES AVAILABLE and registration is accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

To register, go to:, browse the workshop's web page and fill out the provided online form. **IMPORTANT: Everyone who registers MUST fill out the online registration form. Registration payment can be made conveniently online through PayPal. Cost includes delicious hot brunch and all workshop materials.

Students who are currently working on projects are encouraged to bring a sample of your work for free individual critique!

Advance Price: $50.00
At The Door: $60.00 (cash only)

January 31, 2009
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The Sycamore Grill
5329 Mimosa Drive
(Stone Mountain Village)
Stone Mountain, GA 30083


We are pleased to announce that the fourth annual Antelope Valley Christian Writers' Conference has been scheduled for May 15- 16, 2009 . Whether you're an absolute beginner - a seasoned professional - or somewhere in-between, this may be for you. If you enjoy writing, and you'd like to learn how the publishing business works, you are welcome to attend.

As we know, God gives different gifts to different people. For us, the Lord has given us the special gift of putting pen to paper to share a message. We have a passion to take a simple story and build it into a finished product that will inspire others. For some it may be a lucrative full-time career. For others, it's a rewarding pastime. But wherever you come from - and wherever you want to go - we are all motivated by the simple joy of telling a story.

We can help you get there.

We have assembled a blue-ribbon panel of distinguished speakers, who have dozens of books and decades of experience between them. They include:

--Susan Titus Osborn, one of the leading writing coaches in America today.

--Tim Riter, a prolific writer, college professor, and inspirational speaker.

--Kathy Ide, our expert in manuscript editing and proofreading.

You can attend workshops in a wide array of creative categories. You'll meet fellow writers who share your calling - your zeal - and perhaps your frustrations as well. Together, we can help you take your writing to the next level, the best it can be.

Enter a contest with cash prizes. Receive a personalized professional critique on your latest writing project. Bring your laptop computer to take advantage of our wireless Internet connection. Even present your work directly to editors from leading Christian publishers!

We will meet in the facilities of The Antelope Valley Church, a non-denominational congregation in Lancaster, in the northern reaches of Los Angeles County. Complimentary refreshments, a continental breakfast, and a buffet lunch will be provided. Several budget-priced hotels are in the local area for your convenience.

Please have a look at our website, at Or write to us at

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American Teens Lie, Steal, Cheat at an 'Alarming Rate' New Study Shows: Awana and David C. Cook Partner on New Project for Parents, Teachers, and Youth Workers--How to Grow Great Kids

In the recent AFP news article, "American teens lie, steal, cheat at 'alarming rates'", experts revealed the sobering statistics from an independent survey of over 30,000 high school students from across the United States. An overwhelming majority, 83 percent, of public school and private religious school students admitted to lying to their parents about something significant. When asked about cheating on exams, students from non- religious independent schools had the lowest cheating rate, 47 percent, compared to 63 percent of students attending religious schools. Of greater concern, 93 percent of students surveyed indicated they were satisfied with their own character and ethics saying that when it comes to doing what is right, they thought themselves to be better than most people they knew.

"In today's world Christian children and teens are in serious crisis," says Larry Fowler, Executive Director of Global Training for Awana and author of the new book Raising a Modern-Day Joseph: A Timeless Strategy for Growing Great Kids, (David C. Cook, January, 2009.) "What we see happening in the world is merely a reflection of what is happening in the church. Most Christian teens succumb to the world and fall away from the Lord by the time they leave home." According to Josh McDowell Ministries, denominations are seeing anywhere from 69 to 94 percent of teens leave the church after high school.

"The Spiritual goals we have for our youth are failing," continues Fowler. "Churches and families need a clear target and a definite plan of action; a collaborated strategy to build a scripturally sound foundation for their children's faith." Statistics show that even children who grow up in Christian homes, go to church on a regular basis, and participate in youth group activities are abandoning their faith at an alarming rate. With so much opposition, how can we forge sons and daughters of faith and fortitude? How do we raise children whose character and values are built upon an unshakeable faith that endures for a life time?

"The Old Testament Joseph embodies what Awana strives to produce," notes Fowler. "He maintained his faith in spite of challenging circumstances." In the new book, Raising a Modern-Day Joseph, Larry Fowler utilizes the biography of Joseph as recorded in the book of Genesis as a model desperately needed by 21st Century parents and youth workers to help grow their children into faithful, Godly adults. "Our partnership with David C. Cook has made the Modern- Day Joseph project and Awana even stronger as we work together to achieve this goal."

"Awana has always been the benchmark for how to effectively reach and disciple children with the Gospel," says Don Pape, Publisher for David C. Cook Trade Books & Study Resources. "When they approached us with the Modern-Day Joseph project, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. We talked with Larry Fowler about publishing his new book, Raising a Modern-Day Joseph, and discussed ways we could work together to get this outstanding and effective evangelistic tool into more churches. We are thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic ministry, working together to have a positive impact on the next generation of believers."

Based in the Chicago area, Awana is the only organization with fully integrated evangelism and discipleship programs for ages 2 to 18 that actively involves parents, church leaders and mentors. The founders of Awana derived the Awana name from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15 of the Bible. Each week, more than a million children and youth, 250,000 volunteers and 300-plus field staff take part in Awana in over 17,000 churches in the U.S. and internationally.

For more information visit David C. Cook on the Internet at

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Book publishers suffered an awful week last week--and more pain is coming. On what is being called "Black Wednesday,"scores of workers were let go at Simon & Schuster; Thomas Nelson Publishers, Random House and Houghton Mifflin. Harcourt announced consolidations; and wages were frozen at Pearson--parent company of Penguin Group (USA)--and HarperCollins. "This is the most challenging economic environment that any of us has ever experienced," Penguin Group Chairman John Makinson wrote in a memo to staffers.


Do you have an established personal blog? If you do, you may be eligible to join the blog tour for Sally Stuart’s Christian Writer’s Market Guide. As an approved blog reviewer, you'll receive a free copy of Christian Writers’ Market Guide for your review! To submit your blog for consideration, email by December 16, 2008. Include your name, street address, a link to your blog and any questions you might have. A limited number of books are available, so email now! The blog tour will take place the week of January 26th-30th.


Digital Publishing Corp. has announced the launch of, a new and unique online destination for Christian humor, inspiration and opinion. The non-denominational Christian humor and lifestyle Web site offers insightful and amusing commentary on a variety of topics from some of today's most well-know Christian comedians, as well as some of publishing's best up-and-coming writers.

The new site features weekly columns that cross the entire spectrum of Christian perspectives, from staunchly conservative comedian Brad Stine to liberal comic Teresa Roberts Logan, plus Emmy-winning humorist and "Last Comic Standing" contestant Taylor Mason, Emmy- and Dove-nominated author Martha Bolton, and up-and-coming humor writer and confessed "Bad Mom" Caron Guillo.

New Christian Voices is dedicated to taking a lighter, joyous, humorous look at life and spirituality, reaching beyond the typical conservative fare to offer material that lets readers both laugh and stretch outside their comfort zones as they consider their Christian faith in everyday life. Largely written by Christians for Christians, the site is also intended to be amusing and thought-provoking to readers of all faiths and perspectives.

"We want our readers to know that Christians can be both fun and funny," said Digital Publishing's editor-in- chief, Rob Garretson. "We hope Christians will find the site a safe and entertaining place to visit daily, but we also want those outside of the faith to visit and be amused, inspired and potentially gain new understanding of who Christians are and what we're all about."

In addition to the weekly columns, visitors will also find a continually refreshed assortment of humorous essays and articles on Faith, Relationships, Society and Humor, as well as reviews of current movies, books and other Entertainment from a Christian perspective. Among them, Taylor Mason's weekly "Jokes for the Folks" offers a non-stop gag fest, poking fun at the week's news stories, from sports and politics to pop culture.

To learn more, visit Because when life and faith meet, funny things can happen!

Regular New Christian Voices columns and features include:

Bad Mom
Author and confessed Bad Mom Caron Guillo shares humor and encouragement for parents, assuring them that both vegetables and home schooling are overrated, and that love conquers a multitude of parenting sins.

The Truth Hurts
Comedian Brad Stine, dubbed "God's comic" by The New Yorker magazine, brings his irreverent, edgy, and politically incorrect message to readers, sharing humorous, direct and often controversial thoughts on everything from evolution and prayer to politics and political correctness.

Here's a Thought
Emmy-Award winning comedian, musician, ventriloquist and "Last Comic Standing" contestant Taylor Mason offers his amusing and often poignant thoughts on life, marriage and current events.

The Raving Redhead
Self-proclaimed liberal Christian, comedian and artist Teresa Roberts Logan, spouts off weekly about everything from her love of both Obama and zombie movies to living outside the Christian bubble.

Martha's Laugh Lines
Emmy- and Dove-nominated author and former comedy writer for Bob Hope, Martha Bolton looks at current events, including the financial bailout and current economic crisis, with a practiced eye for the humorous and offbeat.

Jokes for the Folks
Taylor Mason switches gears and offers readers a non-stop joke fest, poking fun at the week's news stories, from sports and politics to pop culture and entertainment.

Faces of Funny
Martha Bolton brings readers profiles of well-known comedians and comedy writers working both in Christian and mainstream entertainment, drawing on her years of work with comedians like Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jeff Allen and Mark Lowry.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


The 2009 New England Reader's Choice Bean Pot Award. A *provisional contest for published authors to award excellence in published romance fiction. The contest is judged exclusively by readers, librarians and booksellers. The first place winners in each category are awarded $50.00 and a certificate. The second and third place winners in each category are awarded a certificate.

- Open to any member in good standing of the Romance Writers of America (membership verified).
- Books must have a 2008 copyright date and must be received by January 7, 2009.
- Entry fee is $25 for each title submitted. An author may submit more than one 2008 released book with separate entry form and fee for each title. Entry form at .
- Author must submit three autographed copies of the entered book. Books will not be returned.
- E-books accepted in printed form-loose. No short stories, novellas or anthologies, please.
- Finalists will be notified by February 27, 2009.
- Winners announced at our 2009 Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference, March 27-28, 2009.

Categories for entry:
Short Contemporary (50,000 to 70,000 words)
Long Contemporary (over 70,000 words)
Romantic Suspense
Erotic Romance
Futuristic; Fantasy; Paranormal or Time Travel
- Any category with less than ten entries will be incorporated into another category if possible. Entrants should suggest an alternate category.

- All entries will be judged by readers, librarians or booksellers.
- Judges give each entry a score of 3-10 (10 being the highest).
- The books are given to the judges as thank you gifts for judging. They are not returned to the author.
- The judges’ decisions are final.

*Provided this contest is successful it will become an annual event.

Send entries (three autographed copies of book + $25 entry fee + entry form) to:
Valerie Harris, 13 Poole Street, Medford, MA 02155 – by January 7, 2009.
Make checks payable to “NEC”

Any questions, please call the contest coordinator, Valerie Harris, 781-874-0771 or email: .


Many of you know that I’d been talking about semi-retirement from AMG Publishers at the first of the year. It now appears to be a reality—it begins this coming Friday, December 12. But with Christmas coming up, it’ll be more of a actuality on January 1.

I’ll be working with AMG Publishers on a retainer basis—I’m guessing about 20 hours a week. The end result is—I will become an Independent Contractor—completely separated from AMG as an employee and totally independent (as required by the IRS).

Any current projects that I am presently working, I will continue to work on. Be assured that only my status has changed, my workload will remain the same.

Even though I am on a retainer fee with AMG, I will be offering my services to others as an editor, consultant, etc. And yes, I’ll still be attending four or so writer’s conferences a year. Rick Steele will be the new acquisition person at AMG, taking my place. But both Rick and I will be working on acquisitions—that will not change.

My new office will be at my home, though I’ll definitely be seen at the AMG offices every now and then.

Please be sure assured that everything about my semi-retirement has been amicable.

I will no longer be receiving email through AMG Publishers. See the new contact information below.

I thank God for allowing me to work with AMG Publishers for seven years. The relationship has been wonderful. I know tens of thousands of lives have been touched. He continues to give me strength and hope after eight years with prostate cancer. I can only say, “Praise the Lord.”

Blessings and hugs,


Dan Penwell
Dan Penwell’s Editorial Services
2008 Paris Metz Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Cell Ph: 423-313-0950


Athanatos Christian Ministries is hosting a contest designed to encourage writers to represent their Christian beliefs through the arts, in particular through fiction.

The Athanatos Christian Writing Contest represents the perspective of founder Anthony Horvath that Christians need to make use of the arts and literature to communicate the Gospel. The contest homepage is:

Readers let down their defenses when reading stories or watching movies and this provides an opportunity for the author to present ideas and themes that readers might otherwise have dismissed. This is true for both Christians and nonChristians, but the secular community is more deliberate in exploiting this reality.

Horvath says, "Our media is dominated by people immersed in the secular humanist mindset. The evidence of this is present in books, movies, TV shows, music, as well as in newspapers and cable television. The resulting culture perpetuates itself and creates a climate of cynicism- to say the least- regarding the claims of Christianity."

Horvath warns Christians not to pull out of the culture, "Instead, we need more Christians effectively living out their Christian world view our culture. Imagine if more Christians were writing movies, books, and the news! This alone might not save a single soul, but it would help create a climate where the Christian message is better received."

The ACM Christian Writing Contest aims to identify writers who can write quality fiction that represents the Christian worldview either explicitly or implicitly. Horvath explains, "CS Lewis, Tolkien, Dorothy Sayers, and GK Chesterton are examples of Christian authors whose stories reflected their Christian outlook. The remarkable thing is that secular audiences enjoy their work as much as Christian audiences do. That is exactly what we need more of."

The writing contest begins December 1st, 2008 and is taking submissions through May 15th, 2009. Winning entries will be compiled into an anthology and published. The anthology will be distributed to every single author who entered a story, at no additional cost. "We want every contributor to see what a winning story looks like so they can learn from it and improve their own writing ability," Horvath explains.

There are discounts for multiple submissions available for teachers, educators, youth directors, and pastors.

Details about the contest are available at Anthony Horvath will answer questions about the contest or field interviews. Contact him at or 202-280- 7971.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be taking a break from work and from the computer for the next week. Time to recharge and get ready for the delivery of the new market guides--and for the Christmas rush. You should be able to order the new market guide off the Website sometime today.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Ministry Today is now being offered as a free digital magazine. They have taken their 112-page print magazine and made it available online. To sign up to get a subscription to the free version, just go to:

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Dr. Henry Brandt, acknowledged by many as the "Father of Modern-Day Biblical Counseling" died yesterday from complications related to Parkinson's disease. He was 92.

For over five decades, Dr. Brandt--international consultant, educator, counselor, author, and conference speaker--impacted the lives of countless people. He possessed wisdom and skill as a communicator and authored numerous books including the classic, The Heart of the Problem, as well as his soon-to-be-released, Soul Prescription, which he co-authored with the late Bill Bright. His work, which has been translated into many languages, has circulated the globe and continues to influence many as people access his insightful principles and teachings by way of the internet.

Born in Canada in 1916, the youngest of 10 children, Henry grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Houghton College in 1947, his Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University in 1949, and his PhD in Marriage and Family Relations from Cornell University in 1952.

After completing his doctorate at Cornell, Henry served for two years as the Dean of Men at his alma mater, Houghton College. He was then invited to take a one- year sabbatical replacement position teaching Speech at North American Baptist Seminary. The experience taught him far more than he had anticipated: it set the course of his career in public speaking.

In 1955, following his pivotal year at North American Baptist Seminary, Henry moved back to Michigan. He worked for three years as a full-time staff member for the Clare Elizabeth Fund, not only to develop further some of the key teaching principles behind the Lamaze Program, but also to supervise twelve children's nurseries. Henry served for over a decade (1955-65) as a licensed psychologist in the area of individual, marriage and family counseling in private practice in Michigan. During this time his call to ministry and his gifts in public speaking led him to host a popular family radio program aired over the Moody Bible Institute's station WMBI from 1961 to 1971.

In 1965, Henry combined his vocation with a business endeavor to support his growing worldwide outreach. After developing a group of restaurants into a profitable venture, he sold them to purchase the state franchise for a popular ice cream parlor chain. With the success of his businesses, Henry was able to continue his international speaking, teaching, and counseling ministry.

Throughout Henry's career, he taught in a number of institutes, colleges and seminaries, including The General Motors Institute, Houghton College, North American Baptist Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Christian Heritage College, and Palm Beach Atlantic University. He was instrumental in founding departments of psychology for both Christian Heritage College and Palm Beach Atlantic University.

In 2003, the American Association of Christian Counselors presented Henry with their "Care Giver Award" for his lifetime achievements in counseling. With a focus on individual development as well as marriage and family living, the legacy of his ministry has been written in the hearts and lives of generations of men, women, and children around the world.

Known as a communicator of communicators, Henry had an uncanny ability to understand his audience and to deliver just the right message. His use of Scripture, combined with his unique sense of humor, has reached the "inner person" of many to help facilitate genuine change.

In 2006, the Henry Brandt Foundation was established to preserve and advance the insightful, life-changing biblical principles of Dr. Brandt. His teachings and more of his biography are available online at

Henry was married for forty-two years to Eva (d. 1979), with whom he had three children--Dick, Beth, and Sue- -four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. He later married Marcy, who had one daughter, Lori, and two grandchildren. Marcy died after three years. In 1987, Henry married Jo, who has three children--Will (d. 2000), Juliette, and Chris--and four grandchildren.

A memorial service for Dr. Brandt is planned for January, 2009, in Orlando, Florida.


The AWP (Assn. of Writers & Writing programs)Conference & Bookfair will be held February 11-14, 2009 at the Hilton in Chicago, Illinois. They are expecting more than 8,000 attendees: teachers, authors, and publishers of contemporary literature. For information on renting a table or booth (to sell books), or how to attend, visit their Website at:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Julee Schwartzburg is no longer at Multnomah, but plans to do freelance editing.

Jennifer Lytell has left Moody and is moving to B & H Publishing.

Andy McGuire will begin working at Bethany in adult nonfiction starting December 1.


SHERWOOD INDEXING & INFORMATION SERVICES. 4940 Poleplant Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. (719)641-4665. Contact Karen Sherwood, Provides accurate, succinct indexes for non-fiction titles within strict deadlines using the author’s voice and terminology. Indexing a non-fiction book greatly enhances its value to booksellers, librarians and ultimately, readers. A coherent index anticipates the reader’s queries, provides quick access to the book’s content and gives a detailed “map” of its main topics and subtopics. Indexing services are offered for most genres, with special interest in Christian living, bible study, apologetics, health & wellness, cooking, interior design and home improvement. Quotes available.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I just got word that Jeanette Thomason has left her position as Editorial Director at Watrbrook. No reason was given, but a new Editorial director will be announced next week.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Every Now & Then by Karen Kingsbury (Zondervan), which released on November 11, will debut on the New York Times Paperback Fiction bestsellers list at #9 for the week of 11/30. Upon the release of the first book in the 9/11 series, One Tuesday Morning, Kingsbury sent out approximately 500 copies with personal letters to the firehouses in the FDNY. Within weeks, she started to receive letters thanking her and telling how her book had changed their lives. Every Now & Then continues the story with Alex Brady, whose father was a New York firefighter killed in the Twin Towers.


The International Christian Retail Show 2009 will be held in Denver, CO, Sunday, July 12 through Wednesday, July 15. The new four-day format that includes three days of extended exhibit-floor hours will allow exhibitors and attendees to maximize time away from their offices and stores, while reducing their costs. Total exhibit time will be reduced by just three hours while shaving off a day of travel costs, meals, and time investment.

“Finding ways to reduce the cost of attending and exhibiting at the International Christian Retail Show, while also finding ways to increase the unique value of the business that can take place only at this industry-wide event, has been our focus since the close of the Show in July 2008,” said Scott Graham, CBA meetings and expositions director. “It can be challenging to meet the widely varying needs and preferences of the many contributors to the Show, but those whom we’ve talked with are thrilled with this shortened-schedule solution.”
In the surveys CBA conducted at the close of the 2008 Show, 67% of exhibitors stated that they prefer a three-day exhibit with another 10% indicating no preference as to a three- or four-day exhibit schedule. For retailers, the most commonly expressed concern was having enough uninterrupted time to network and do business with industry partners. In response, CBA is putting together a slightly shorter and more open schedule that will help both sides accomplish their goals for the 2009 Show in Denver, while also lowering costs for everyone.

While the Show will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this July, Graham says that a fresh approach is being taken to putting together the annual event. “We’ve gone back to the drawing board to figure out what aspects of the show are most valuable to our attendees and exhibitors, and we’re re-shaping the show in significant ways,” said Graham. “We’re creating opportunities for learning, networking, and more on the exhibit floor to provide value in a more effective and efficient format for everyone at the Show.”


Jonathan Merkh has joined the William Morris Agency (WMA) as an agent in its Book Department, it was announced today by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh and Suzanne Gluck, Co-Heads of WMA’s Book Department. Merkh will be based out of WMA’s Nashville office, with a focus on the Christian/Faith book market. “Jonathan is an innovative thinker who possesses the vision that made him the perfect candidate to lead our expansion into Christian Faith book publishing,” said Walsh. “His distinguished record and reputation will enhance our presence in a high-growth market and help us continue to expand our range,” added Gluck.


Focus on the Family is cutting 202 jobs as economic hardships threaten to reduce the charitable donations that comprise 95 percent of the nonprofit ministry's income. The announcement was made at a news conference Nov. 17, marking the most serious reduction in the 32-year-history of the pro-family organization founded by James Dobson. The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colo., where Focus is based, reported that the ministry is laying off 149 workers and cutting another 53 vacant positions, reducing the total number of employees from about 1,150 to 950.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The following publications are out of business, no longer accept freelance, or have moved and left no forwarding address:

Choice Newspaper (Russia): Unable to contact. Page 350.

Holy City Chronicle: Bad Address/unable to contact. Page 379.

Parent & Teens: Bad Website/unable to contact. Page 399.

Three One Six: Unable to contact. Page 417.

Urban Kingdom Bad address/unable to contact. Page 420.

Resource: Out of business. Page 442.

The Rock (no freelance). Page 477.

Boomer Babes Rock Book Series (asked to be deleted). Page 481.

Keeping Hearts & Home: Unable to contact. Page 488.

Tapestry (Canada): No freelance. Page 493.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Catholic Digest: PO Box 6015, 1 Montauk Ave., Ste. 200, New London CT 06320; Page 346.

The Christian Chronicle: PO Box 11000, Oklahoma City OK 73013. Page 351.

Christian Courier (Canada): 5 Joanna Dr., St. Catherines ON L2N 1V1, Canada. Page 352.

Perspectives: 517 Peterson St., Alta IA 51002. Rhoda Janzen, poetry editor. Page 400.

Salvo Magazine: P.O. Box 410788, Chicago IL 60641. Page 409.

Alpha News: 61 Gramercy Park N., Apt. 603, New York NY 10010-5406. Page 454.

The Catholic Servant:; Page 455.

The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling: 1549 Clairmont Rd., Ste. 103, Decatur GA 30033-4635; 404-320-0195; fax 404-320-0849. Page 459.

Sewanee Theological Review: Submit to The Managing Editor, University of the South, School of Theology, Box 46-W, Sewanee TN 37383-0001. Page 467.

Risen Magazine: 5677 Oberlin Dr., Ste. 202, San Diego CA 92121; Page 477.

True Girl: Mailing address is bad, but Website still working. Page 479.

Boomer Babes Rock Book Series: 100 W. Southlake Blvd., Ste. 142-600, Southlake TX 76092. Page 481.

Horizons:, or Page 487.

Freelance Writer’s Report: Page 500.

Money the Write Way: 1132 Tulio St., Yuba City CA 95993-8734. Page 500.

Poets & Writers: 90 Broad St., Ste. 2100, New York NY 10004-2272; 212-226-3586. Page 502.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The Christian Writer’s Seminar, February 20-21, 2009 (Friday evening and Saturday in the San Francisco Bay Area), will feature keynoter and bestselling writer James Scott Bell on the theme Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork. The Seminar, targeting beginners to intermediates, features 44 writing workshops with tracks on Beginner’s Basics, Advanced Fiction, Screenwriting, Books, and Articles.

James Scott Bell is the bestselling author of Try Dying, Try Darkness, and Deceived, among many others. He is a Christy Award for Excellence winner in Christian fiction. He served as the fiction columnist for Writer’s Digest, and has written two bestselling craft books in the Writers Digest Series Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure and Revision & Self-Editing. Jim has taught writing at Pepperdine University and at numerous writing conferences.

For a Seminar brochure, email Jon Drury at, or call him at 510-886-6300 x212. The Seminar website should be up in December, 2008.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


If you would like to get a copy of the 2008 Christian Writers' Market Guide, it is now available for about half price. (See below for the special on the 2009 edition.) Since this is a Blog Special, I have not yet made the change on my Website, so to get the special on the 2008, just order the 2007 edition and include a note in the message section that says you want the Blog Special on the 2008 edition. You can also send your order with a check for $18.50 to: Sally Stuart, 1647 SW Pheasant Dr., Aloha OR 97006.


With the end of the year quickly approaching, I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 2009 Christian Writers' Market Guide. I should have copies by the first of the year--if not sooner--so am already preparing envelopes so I can get copies out as soon as they get here. Since the pre-paid orders are the first to go out, I want to encourage you to get in your orders now.

I am even offering a Blog Special for those who want to order now and get on that list of early deliveries. If I have your paid order by December 10, I will pay the postage--meaning you will pay $34.99 instead of $39.50. In addition, the first 25 to respond will get a free copy of Sally Stuart's Guide to Getting Published--a $17.99 value.

To get this special price you can do one of two things:

To pay by check: Send your order, mailing address, and a check for $34.99 to Sally Stuart, 1647 SW Pheasant Dr., Aloha OR 97006. If you are one of the first 25, you will also get the free book.

To pay by credit card through PayPal: I'm not set up on the Website for you to pay this special price, so you will need to do the following - Go to the Website and order the 2008 edition at full price, but include a note in the message section that you want the 2009 edition on the Blog Special. I will then refund the postage through PayPal. If you are one of the first 25 to respond, you will also get the free book. Website is

Please note that the books are not off the press yet, but will be sent out the first of January. If you want the 2008 edition see the next entry on how to get it for half price.

NEW: WRITERS CONFERENCE GUIDELINES.COM is dedicated to helping writers master the conference submission process. You’ll learn what goes into writing different parts of your submission package and how to do it right. We’ll have information on queries, cover letters, book proposals, article and manuscript formats, genre tips, meeting with faculty, making the most of your conference, conference links, resources, a glossary, and more. It will also have samples of queries, proposals, and manuscript formats. Contributors include conference faculty, editors, publishers, agents, and experienced writers.

John Vonhof
Helping Writers Master the Submission Process

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I know it's not quite time to think about taxes, but here's an update on the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). To prevent the unintended result of having millions of middle-income taxpayers fall prey to the AMT, Congress has once again relied on a temporary "patch" to the problem. This time a one-year extension of the 2007 exemption amounts, increased slightly. Under the new law, for tax years starting in 2008, the AMT exemption amounts are increased to (1) $69,950 in the case of married individuals filing a joint return and surviving spouses; (2) $46,200 in the case of unmarried individuals other than surviving spouses; and (3) $34,975 in the case of married individuals filing a separate return.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Churchmouse Publications is a new web-based publishing syndicate created to serve the Christian community. They are seeking creative, well thought-out and well written features to offer their patron groups: 1) periodicals and newspapers; 2) churches and ministries; and 3) faith-based organizations and fellowships.

They have issued an OPEN CALL to new and established Christian authors and creators for submissions in the following areas:

Church Administration & Leadership – We need features covering the following topics:

q Administration – Policies & Procedures

q Church Building Program

q Church Planting

q Connecting With Your Community

q Financial Accountability

q Fundraising Success Stories

q Leadership Qualifications

q Meeting Counseling Needs

q Prison Ministries

q Protecting Your Congregation

Children’s Material – We need a variety of bible-based material for children including:

q Activities & Games

q Coloring & Connect-the-Dot Pages

q Crossword & Word Search Puzzles

q Poems & Prayers

q Quizzes & Trivia

q Skits, Plays & Other Programs

q Bible & Other Stories

Young Adults – We need material geared to young adults, ages 22-35, including:

q Benefits of Multi-generation Churches

q Choosing a Career & Finding a Job

q Finding the Right Church for You

q Online Resources & Communities

q Preparing for Marriage & Family

q Relevant Ministries for Today’s Changing World

q Remaining Steadfast in a Fast-paced Life

q Singleness—Purposeful or Otherwise

To get a copy of Churchmouse Publications most recently updated Submissions Guidelines, please email Please review them carefully before you query or submit a feature. Note: Churchmouse prefers to receive queries in the body of your email and submissions as an attached Microsoft Word document. Thank you.


Tan Books and Publishers Acquired by Saint Benedict Press

North Carolina-based Catholic publisher purchases assets out of bankruptcy

A leading publisher of traditional Roman Catholic books has been acquired by Saint Benedict Press, LLC, a North Carolina-based publisher of Catholic Classics. Established in 1967, TAN Books and Publishers have published more than 600 books distinctive for their preservation of the traditional literature of the Roman Catholic Church. In recent years, TAN has struggled to survive financially and most recently has been operating under the protection of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Early last week, the assets of TAN were purchased by the owners of Saint Benedict Press.

TAN Books and Publishers will remain an independent imprint within Saint Benedict Press, maintaining its brand identity and publishing direction under Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brent Klaske, who will assume General Management duties. He will be based at TAN's Rockford, Illinois offices.

"This is an exciting new day for TAN," said Mr. Klaske. "As a 15-year Executive employee of TAN, I am thrilled that we will be able to continue our mission of sharing faithful Catholic books with people around the world. The resources and commitment that our new ownership brings to the table will ensure the future stability and growth of TAN while still maintaining our fidelity to the Catholic Church and its teachings."

Among the Classics published by TAN Books and Publishers are the Baltimore Catechism series, the Douay-Rheims Bible and dozens of biographical treatments by and about the Saints, including such favorites as St. Teresa of Avila's Conversation with Christ, St. John of the Cross's Dark Night of the Soul, The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis de Montfort, and The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena.

"We welcome TAN Books and Publishers as a great resource for traditional Catholic products and we look forward to providing a continuation of its existing publishing plan. This acquisition will make way for an increase in new titles and an ability to bring back into print many of the favorite titles which have been on permanent back-order as a result of TAN's uncertain future," said Conor Gallagher, Vice President of Publishing, Saint Benedict Press. "Current TAN customers can be assured that the mission of TAN is not changing. We will now have the ability to meet the needs of the customers and the thousands of book stores around the world that carry TAN titles."

For more information about this announcement, please contact Walker or Wheeler of The Maximus Group at (678)990-9032.

To visit TAN Books and Publishers, please visit

To visit Saint Benedict Press, please visit

Monday, November 17, 2008


Just wanted to let you know that I'm now on Twitter. Actually I signed up months ago but just didn't have time to do anything with it. After I realized I had over 30 people following me--while I wasn't going anywhere--I thought it was time to get moving. If you're on Twitter, check me out at


Eerdmans’ title a NYT Best Illustrated Book of 2008.

On November 9, the New York Times Book Review released its list of the “Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2008.” Among the top 10 books is Eerdmans’ A River of Words: The Story of William Carlos Williams by Jen Bryant, illustrated by Melissa Sweet. This is the second time a title illustrated by Melissa Sweet has been included on this list.


Robin Jones Gunn, Beverly Lewis and Tricia Goyer Chat Live at

Award-Winning Christian Authors Give Fans Christmas Inspiration, the family- friendly online bookstore, continues its weekly "Authors at Abunga" chats in December with award-winning authors offering a Christian perspective on Godly parenting and strong marriages and engaging stories with themes of love and redemption. The one-hour chats, held at 2 p.m. EST on the first three Wednesdays next month at, will feature family and parenting writer Tricia Goyer, New York Times best-selling novelist Beverly Lewis and Christian fiction author Robin Jones Gunn, respectively.

"These writers have touched the hearts of many readers with their words," said Chairman Lee Martin. " is thrilled to offer the opportunity for readers to connect with them on a personal level and receive a bit of inspiration during this hectic Christmas season."

Tricia Goyer, a wife, mother and "Generation Xer," is the author of "Generation NeXt Parenting: A Savvy Parent's Guide to Getting it Right," a book for parents who are constantly trying to meet their children's needs but are becoming tired and losing focus. For more information, visit

The New York Times best-selling novelist Beverly Lewis is the author of the highly-anticipated "The Longing," the final book in the popular "Courtship of Nellie Fisher" series. Lewis, who has written over 80 books for children and youth, will be on the chat on Dec. 10. Visit for more information.

Robin Jones Gunn's book "Engaging Father Christmas: A Novella," is the follow-up to "Finding Father Christmas" and tells a story about love, redemption and finding home. Gunn, a best- selling author of 60 books including the popular "Christy Miller" series, will join the Abunga chat on Dec. 17. For more information, visit

All chats are hosted at One week prior to each chat, readers can visit the "Authors at Abunga" Web page to submit questions. Questions are also accepted during chats. Transcripts of all author chats and a listing of scheduled authors are available from the homepage.

"Christmas is rapidly approaching and people are already beginning their holiday shopping," said Lee Martin, chairman of "These authors have books that entertain and inform, making the perfect Christmas gift for friends and loved ones." is an online bookstore founded to provide families a protected shopping environment. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., offers safety with more than 2 million family-friendly titles, savings through distributor-direct prices and support to nonprofit organizations by donating 5 percent of each transaction to a consumer-selected charity. For more information, visit

Note to Editors: For more information about, please visit


Congratulations to the authors and publishers listed in Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2008:

Jesus for President, Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw (Zondervan)

Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling, Andy Crouch (IVP)

O2: Breathing New Life into Faith, Richard Dahlstrom (Harvest House)

The Twenty-Piece Shuffle: Why the Poor and Rich Need Each Other, Greg Paul (David C. Cook)

The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why, Phyllis Tickle (Baker Books)

The Shape of Mercy, Susan Meissner (WaterBrook)

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper has been named on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books List Top 150 books of the last 15 years.

Dr. Kevin Leman's Have a New Kid by Friday has been named to the Best 100 books of 2008 on The book appeared on the Customers' Bestsellers list. The list is ranked according to customer orders through October. Only books published for the first time in 2008 are eligible.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Christmas Miracles is a book project we have contracted with St. Martin's Press for late 2009 release. We seek true stories of miracles that took place at Christmas. They must revolve around that special time of year.

We prefer first-person narratives.

This is an excellent opportunity to see your writing in a book with other outstanding authors.

You must follow these guidelines:

• Deadline for stories is December 24, 2008.
• All entries must be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, Word document.
• Stories may run from 900 to 1,300 words. We will not consider longer pieces.
• We will edit all stories we accept so that they have a unified voice.
• Your name will be listed with your story and you'll have a four-line information/resume paragraph at the end of the book.
• Every story must have a positive solution that results from a miracle through events or timing at the Christmas season.
• Every story must have a positive application. That is, you must tell us what you learned from that miracle or how it changed your life.
• You may send an original or a reprint. (If a reprint, please tell us where it was published and assure us that you own the reprint rights.)

If we accept your story, you will retain rights. You'll also receive a $50 honorarium and a free copy of the book when it is released in October 2009.

We will offer special discounts for contributors who wish to buy additional books.
(We will send that information to you.)

Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Story Title
Attach from your computer

All entries must be double-spaced
12-point font, Times New Roman
Word document free forms



BGC World: The Baptist General Conference has changed their name to Converge Worldwide. In response, this publication will also be changing its name, but not until December. Page 342.

Channels is now an online publication called E-Channels. Page 349.

Our Journey has changed its name to Our Daily Journey; 3000 Kraft Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids MI 49512. Page 446.

Enrichment is looking for what they call Eshorts: 150-250-word think pieces covering a wide range of topics related to ministry, church life, culture, worship, generational issues, church/community, trends, evangelism, surveys, time management, and humor. Page 458.

MomSense now writes the name like this, instead of MOMsense. Page 490.

Byline Magazine has lowered their pay rate to $75 for features, and $25 for fiction. Page 497.


Laura Leiden Calligraphy: No freelance. Page 515.

Printessdi: No longer open to freelance submissions. Page 516.

World Library Publications: Jennifer Odegard, dir. of marketing; 800-621-5197, ext. 2800;; Page 517.

Appalacian Bible Company, Inc.: Bad address, no forwarding. Page 517.

Kristen Elliot, Inc.: 6030 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson AZ 85704-5310. Page 517.

Frederick Singer & Sons, Inc.: 520 S. Fulton Ave., Mount Vernon NY 10550-5011. Page 518.


Capstone Fiction has changed their name to OakTara, and they have a new e-mail and Website: and


Q - How do I get my foot in the door with a book publisher if I have never been published?

A - The truth is, you may not. The best way to get noticed by a publisher is to start building a reputation and getting as many credits as possible by being published in periodicals as much as possible. A publisher is looking for writers who have already developed a reputation in relation to their topic. That body of work goes a long way in giving you credibility. It also helps if you speak on your topic. These days that reputaion is becoming more and more important to publishers.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Arapahoe Library District in Denver Colorado -- Children’s and Teen Author Open House is this Saturday, Nov. 15, from 2-4 at the Smoky Hill Public Library.
Donita K. Paul, author of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles, will be on a panel discussion with numerous other authors popular with young adults.
Smoky Hill Public Library is located on the NE corner of Smoky Hill Road and Biscay Circle. The address is 5430 S. Biscay Circle, Centennial, CO, 80015 Our phone number is 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279); ask the person who answers to transfer you to Smoky Hill.

Barnes and Noble will be selling books at the library for a booksigning following the discussion panel.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Dr. Sherwood "Woody" Wirt, beloved author,and mentor to so many of us, has
"graduated to heaven," joining His beloved Savior on November 8, 2008. Born
in 1911, Woody authored 42 books, including "Billy: A Personal Look at Billy
Graham," was the founding editor of Decision magazine, as well as having
founded the San Diego Christian Writers' Guild. He will be greatly missed!

Monday, November 10, 2008


List Hygiene Being Taken to a New Level

In an effort to reduce the almost $2 billion that the US Postal Service estimates it spends annually on handling Undeliverable as Addressed mailpieces, it will begin tightening its address standards this Fall. Effective November 23, 2008, mail lists being used for standard mail class will need to be updated through an approved Move Update method within 95 days of the mail date. This means that a mailing scheduled to go out on November 23 will need to have a list that has been updated since August 20.

Approved methods for updating lists are National Change of Address (NCOA), Address Change Service (ACS), and Ancillary Service Endorsements (ASE) such as Address Service Requested. The cost to NCOA your list will vary depending on the size of the list, but the minimum cost is $35.00.

Keep in mind that even if you are using a list that you have used before, it will need to be updated within 95 days of the mail date to ensure that any address changes are incorporated into your list. After updating the list, it will be good for 95 days as long as you don't make any changes to it. List owners will be required to keep documentation proving that their lists were processed through an approved Move Update process.


The Strang Magazine Group is expanding its audience with new digital editions of two of its leading titles. In addition to their normal print circulations, the November/December issue of Ministry Today and the January edition of Charisma will each be sent to a further 100,000 people in digital form. The e-mail distributions are part of Strang Magazine Group’s plan to develop new readership through electronic and online channels, said Consumer Advertising Director Chris Barch. The initiative was “a great way to provide advertisers with more value and a higher rate of return.”

Saturday, November 8, 2008

SITE FOR CHRISTIAN WOMEN WRITERS is a ministry service of Micah Web Communications. Launched October 13, 2008, our goal is to provide a place for Christian women who aspire to write, or are already experienced writers, to share in their passion of writing. Whether you are a novice writer or a published author, our hope is that this web site can be a meeting place for Christian women writers.

Friday, November 7, 2008


ECPA Recognizes Publishers’ Significant Sales Achievements
Impact of Christian books revealed in Awards given for Individual Title Sales
exceeding 10 million, 1 million and 500k

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) has recognized 30 books for outstanding sales achievement during its 2008 Publishing University (PUBu) held outside of Chicago in West Lombard, IL. Established in 1990 by ECPA, the Gold, Platinum and Diamond Book Awards recognize outstanding sales achievement of quality Christian literature. Each category recognizes a specific level of total sales (via all sales channels) to date:

The Diamond Award: books selling more than 10 million copies;
The Platinum Award: books selling more than one million copies; and
The Gold Award: books selling more than 500,000 copies.
Two books received an ECPA Diamond Award for selling 10 million copies via all sales channels:

KJV Gift and Award Bible, THOMAS NELSON
“Selling 10 million copies of one book is a remarkable achievement for the author and publisher,” says ECPA President Mark Kuyper. “Since the rarest of books reach these numbers, I can say confidently that these titles have made a lasting impact on our culture and the world.”

Fourteen titles received the ECPA Platinum Award for selling more than 1,000,000 copies via all sales channels:

Alpha Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel, ALPHA INTERNATIONAL
Jerusalem Countdown by John Hagee, FRONTLINE, a Division of Strang Communications
The Shack by William P. Young, FAITHWORDS
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, THOMAS NELSON
God’s Promises for Your Every Need, THOMAS NELSON
Grace for the Moment, Volume I, by Max Lucado, THOMAS NELSON
The MacArthur Study Bible, John MacArthur, Editor, THOMAS NELSON
The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, THOMAS NELSON
Where to Find It in the Bible by Ken Anderson, THOMAS NELSON
Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy with Nathan Whitaker, TYNDALE HOUSE PUBLISHERS
NIV Adventure Bible by Larry and Sue Richards, ZONDERKIDZ
Fourteen titles received the ECPA Gold Award for selling more than 500,000 copies via all sales channels:

Approval Addiction by Joyce Meyer, FAITHWORDS
The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer, FAITHWORDS
3:16 The Numbers of Hope by Max Lucado, THOMAS NELSON
Come Thirsty by Max Lucado, THOMAS NELSON
Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado, THOMAS NELSON
Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado, THOMAS NELSON
Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore, THOMAS NELSON
Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham, THOMAS NELSON
How to Listen to God by Charles Stanley, THOMAS NELSON
Inside My Heart by Robin McGraw, THOMAS NELSON
The Journey by Billy Graham, THOMAS NELSON
Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, THOMAS NELSON
Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur, THOMAS NELSON
There have been a total of three Diamond Book Award recipients to date. ECPA introduced the Diamond Award in 2005 when they awarded Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (Zondervan) a double-Diamond for more than 20 million in sales. Since then, the title has achieved triple-Diamond status and is well on its way to a fourth Diamond. More than 283 books have received an ECPA Gold Book Award and 193 books have received an ECPA Platinum Book Award.

Sales award recipients are listed on the ECPA website ( and are also indicated on the ECPA bestseller lists at For more information, contact Mark Kuyper at 480-966-3998.


Next National Christian Writers Conference will be Jan 10, 2009.

In conjunction with the next conference there is a new non-fiction writers contest and a free drawing available for participants.

National Christian Writers Conference San Diego

Non-Fiction Manuscript Challenge

Attention: All Writers and Aspiring Authors

“Stir Up the Gift of God that is in You!”

Writers’ Guidelines for No-Fee Nonfiction Manuscript Challenge

Grand Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize

1. The National Christian Writers’ Conference is accepting nonfiction, inspirational
manuscripts that will make our audience laugh, cry or smile.. The writing should be
encouraging, uplifting, and inspirational to our associates, family members and friends. Manuscript submissions should not be a sermon or lecture.

2. Chapter topics may cover a variety of areas: Faith, Family, Marriage, Parenting,
Children, Internal Beauty, Relationships, Personal Development and the things we
experience in every day life.

3. The manuscript administration is free. You may enter only one manuscript.

4. Entries must be postmark by December 31st, 2008.

5. Winners will be announced during the National Christian Writers Conference (San Diego). January 10, 2009. You do not have to present to win.

6. Each submission should include a cover page with the name of the contest, title of
your manuscript, word count, writer’s names, address, telephone number, email
address and fax number if available.

7. Entries must meet the following criteria:

a book proposal with cover page
Typed 12pt, Times New Roman Font
Once-inch margins
Adobe PDF or Doc format
include the title and sub title, primary target audience, distinctiveness, sales handle, and reasons why you believe your work will attract a readership
a list of competing titles that would help stake holders understand how your book will compete in the current marketplace detailed description of how you can and will help promote your book a table of contents and the chapter outline in which you share a brief description of each chapter the first three chapters(approximately 50 pages of your work)a complete biography with your publishing history and an explanation of why you are qualified to write this particular project

8. Writers must submit their original work. No previous published submissions will be accepted. Submit entries via e-mail

9. Strict guidelines are enforced. Judges decisions are final. If entries are accepted, the entrants will receive correspondence confirming their entry by email within fourteen business days for acceptance and final proofing.

10. Writers Contest sponsored by Words of Belief. Award Winners will be notified by email before January 5, 2009.

Winners will be posted on the NCWC Web site: e-Mail questions to


The Grand Prize Winner will receive a Premier Publishing Package from Words of Belief valued at $1,150. The package includes:

Classic Professional Book Cover Design

Custom Book Interior Typesetting

Retail Channel Distribution

ISBN Registration

Editorial Evaluation

Title Activation at Printer

Google™ Book Search Program

Amazon Search Inside Program

U.S. Copyright Registration

Book Signing Kit

Free Web Site

Author maintains all rights to material. . .

2nd Prize Winner will receive a professional Media Marketing Kit

Need to make a connection with your fans and potential readers? Attend the National Christian Writers Conference San Diego and become one of the winners to receive a Book Signing Kit from our sponsor Words of Belief.

The Book Signing Kit (valued at $299.00) includes 10 posters, 30 flyers and 100 postcard invitations, all the materials necessary for successful book signings and literary events. Featuring the front cover of your book, the 11’’x 17’’ posters are full-color and printed on glossy, high-quality paper. Single-sheet 8.5’’x11’’ flyers are custom designed and feature your cover in color while providing detailed book ordering information.

The custom-designed postcard invitations are 5’’x8’’ and feature your book’s cover in color with a glossy finish on the front. The back is printed on white cardstock and includes a self-customizable invitation template, which can facilitate more than one event or signing.

3rd Prize Winner will receive free entry to the next National Christian Writers Conference San Diego CA.

In addition, attend the conference and register in our Free Drawing! One entry will receive a Select Publishing Package from iUniverse (valued at $599). The Select Publishing Package includes:

One-on-one authors support
Non-exclusive contracts
Volume book discount authors
Custom Cover
ISBN Assignment
Worldwide Book Distribution
Five Free Soft Cover Books

For additional information email

Thursday, November 6, 2008


He scared millions of us by cloning dinosaurs with prehistoric DNA in Jurassic Park and by unleashing a virus from outer space in The Andromeda Strain.
But author Michael Crichton, who died Tuesday at age 66, was more than just the king of the cinematic techno-thriller whose books and screenplays became 13 movies.

He also created ER, one of TV's longest-running dramas. As a movie producer and director, he pioneered the use of computer-generated special effects.

In best-selling novels, he raised contrarian questions about global warming and sexual harassment.

And all that after graduating from Harvard Medical School.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hachette Book Group is pleased to announce the addition of Joel Paul as Executive Editor for the FaithWords imprint. “The addition of Joey to our team is a significant milestone in the development of FaithWords”, said Rolf Zettersten, Senior Vice President and Publisher. “He brings key relationships, a strong history of bestsellers and great instincts to our program. It will be a privilege to work with him.



Contact: Lindsey Nobles
Director of Corporate Communications
Tel: (615) 902-1109
Fax: (615) 902-1110

Thomas Nelson, Inc. announced today that it has launched a revolutionary new program mobilizing bloggers around the world to share reviews of the company's latest products. The program, Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers, is the first program of its kind from a leading publisher.

"My hope is that we can elevate the online presence of Thomas Nelson's key titles," said Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson. "Good or bad, we want people online talking about our books."

Any blogger can register to be a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger at The Book Review Bloggers will receive free copies of select Thomas Nelson titles in exchange for committing to read the book, to write a 200-word review, and to post it on their blog and on

"The idea to create Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers originally came from heightened interest on my blog, around two of our recent releases, Stephen Mansfield's The Faith of Barack Obama and Lynne Spears' Through the Storm," continued Michael Hyatt. "My readers, many of whom are active bloggers themselves, wanted to engage in the conversation about these products."

In August, Hyatt posted "Why Obama's Faith Matters" and offered free copies of The Faith of Barack Obama to the first two hundred responders. The blog campaign has generated over a hundred online reviews, a vast majority of which were positive. In September, Hyatt used his blog as a forum for bloggers to sign-up to review another controversial title, Through the Storm. Again, the response was tremendous.

"My goal is to have a rich database of bloggers who are actively selecting Thomas Nelson products that they are interested in to read and review," concluded Hyatt. "The positive reviews will be a priceless word-of-mouth marketing vehicle and the negative reviews will be a useful tool in understanding why a product might not have sold at retail."

For more information on how to register to be a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger, visit

Sunday, November 2, 2008


ECPA Announces Winners of Second AnnualECPA/Dickinson Press Book Cover Award

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) announces the winners of its annual ECPA/Dickinson Press Book Cover Award during its 2008 Publishing University in Chicago, IL. This awards competition, sponsored by ECPA and Dickinson Press, is open to all ECPA member publishers and recognizes excellence in book cover design. Thirteen publishers submitted 63 entries within four categories.

The 2008 ECPA/Dickinson Press Book Cover Award Winners in each of the award categories are:

The Literary Study Bible
Crossway Books & Bibles, Leland Ryken and Philip Graham Ryken; designed by Josh Dennis, 9781581348088

BEST COVER: Small-Sized Publisher (from publishers with 1-100 titles annually)
Zora and Nicky
David C. Cook, Claudia Mair Burney; designed by Jason Gabbert, The DesignWorks Group, 9780781445504

BEST COVER: Mid-Sized Publisher (from publishers with 101-250 titles annually)
On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, Andrew Peterson; designed by Mark D. Ford, Sr. Art Director and illustrated by Justin Gerard, Portland Studios, 9781400073849

BEST COVER: Large Publisher (from publishers with 251+ titles published annually)
Thomas Nelson, Inc., Ted Dekker; designed by Tim Green, The DesignWorks Group and Mark Ross, Art Director, 9781595540072

In 2006, a study was commissioned by Dickinson Press and conducted by the RISC to help Christian publishers develop and design more on-target products. Based on the RISC research, ECPA and Dickinson Press developed the ECPA/Dickinson Press Book Cover Award which is presented annually and recognizes the industry's finest book cover design integrity.

The ECPA/Dickinson Press Book Cover Award encourages, identifies and celebrates "best in class" design for Christian publishing's book covers. For more information about the program, visit

Thursday, October 30, 2008


January: Glen Eyrie Fiction Writers Conference; Colorado Springs CO
Contact: Craig Dunham
3820 N. 30th
Colorado Springs CO 80904
Some editors/agents in attendance
Check Website for dates.

January: Breaking Through Workshop; Canton MI
Contact: Sabrina Adams
PO Box 871006
Canton MI 48187

January 10: National Christian Writers Conference; San Diego CA
Contact: Antonio L. Crawford
PO Box 1458
National City CA 91951-1458
Jan. 29-Feb. 1: Catholic Writers Retreat; Tucson AZ - 25
Contact: Rev. Thomas Santa, CssR
7101 W. Picture Rocks Rd.
Tucson AZ 85743-9645
Offers advanced track.

January 30-31: Act One: Writing for Hollywood Workshop; Colorado Springs CO
Contact: Chris Riley
2690 N Beachwood Dr
Hollywood CA 90068
fax 323-468-0315
No editors or agents in attendance.


The Christian Writers Guild's WRITING for the SOUL conference at The Broadmoor is the breath of fresh air you've been hoping for. Nestled in the foothills of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, The Broadmoor provides the perfect environment for personal development and serious study.

For four days (February 19-22, 2009), you'll be challenged and encouraged through a variety of speakers, continuing classes, elective workshops, and our exclusive "Thick-skinned Manuscript Clinic." In addition, literary agents and publishing representatives will be available for appointments.

Give or ask for the conference as a Christmas gift.

To learn more about our payment plan, call us toll-free at (866) 495-5177 or email at

Or if you'd prefer, register online at

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Literary Market Place 2009 is now available for $309, plus $25 P & H; International Literary Market Place 2009 is $259, plus $21 P & H; and the online version,, is $399/year. Or get all three for $717, plus $46 P & H. Order from: Information Today, 143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford NJ 08055-9912.


Baal Hamon: Ste. T219, 244 Fifth Ave., New York NY 10001; phone +646 213 1019. Page 145.

Evergreen Press: 9350 Dauphin Island Parkway, Theodore AL36582; 251-973-0680; fax 251-973-0682. Page 165.

Frederick Fell: 2131 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 305, Hollywood FL 33020. Page 168.

Monarch Books: Wilkinson House, Jordan Hill Rd., Oxford 0X2 8DR, England;, or Page 193.

National Black Theatre: 2031-33 National Black Theatre Way, Fifth Avenue (between 126 & 127th Streets), Harlem NY 10035;, or Page 195.

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers: Drop fax. Website: Page 205.

Ravenhawk Books: Website & Blog at Page 206.

The Salt Works: 1655 Booth Rd., Roseville CA 95747. Page 209.

Starik Publishing: Blog at Page 211.

White Stone Books: PO Box 2835, Lakeland FL 33806; toll-free 866-253-8622. Page 220.

Creation House:; Page 228.

Essence Publishing: Page 230.

IMD Press: 7140 Hooker St., Westminster CO 80030-5459. Page 231.

Selah Publishing: 300 Hickory Rd., Bristol TN 37620-6033. Page 237.

Winer Foundation: PO Box 178, Wynnewood PA 19096-0178. Page 240.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Pauline Kids, 50 St. Paul’s Ave., Boston MA 02130; 617-522-8911; fax 617-524-9805;; Christina M. Wegendt FSP, children’s
editor.; Diana Lynch, associate children’s editor; submit to Tiffany Fox, editorial
assistant. Seeks to provide wholesome and entertaining reading that can help children develop strong Christian values. No manuscripts through agents. Royalty 5-12%;advance. Considers simultaneous submissions. Responds in 1-3 mos. Guidelines (also by e-mail/Website); no catalog. Nonfiction & Fiction: Proposal/2 chapters for easy-to-read & middle-grade readers; complete ms for board and picture books; e-query OK. Needs biographies on the lives of Saints. Easy-to-read and middle-reader chapter fiction.

Rejoice!, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg MB R3P 0M4, Canada; 204-888-6781;; Mennonite. Byron Rempel-Burkholder, ed. Daily devotional magazine grounded in Anabaptist theology. 5% unsolicited freelance; 95% assigned. Pays $100-125 for 7-day assigned meditations, 250-300 words each; on publication for 1st rts. Also accepts testimonies 500-600 words. (8/yr.) Prefers that you send a couple of sample devotions and inquire about assignment procedures; fax/e-query OK. Accepts assigned mss by e-mail (attached). Responds in 4 wks. Seasonal 8 mos. ahead. No simultaneous submissions or reprints. Prefers NRSV. Guidelines by e-mail.

Church Music Quarterly, 19 The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2EB, United Kingdom;; Julian Elloway, editor. Advice and inspiration for church musicians around the world. 5% unsolicited freelance; 95% assigned. Query/clips; phone/fax/e-query OK. Accepts full manuscripts by e-mail. Pays on publication. Articles.

G4T Ink, 419 Mason St., Ste. 108, Vacaville CA 95688; 707-446-4463; phone/fax (707)4463;; Generations 4 Truth. Jennifer Maul, publications manager/editor. Ministry written for and by girls; also by adults who address teen issues. Quarterly magazine; 40-50 pages; circulation 1,500. Established 2007. 70% unsolicited freelance; 30% assigned. Query/clips; e-query OK. No payment for nonexclusive rights. Not copyrighted. Articles 200-400 words. Responds in 4-6 weeks. Accepts simultaneous submissions & reprints (tell when/where appeared). Accepts e-mail submissions (attached file in word.doc). Uses some sidebars. Prefers NIV. Accepts submissions from teens. Guidelines on Website; copy for 9x12 SAE. (No ads yet). Poetry: Accepts 4-8/yr. Fillers: Accepts cartoons, jokes, prayers, quizzes, short humor, and word puzzles.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Zonderkidz titles win Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. The judging of the 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards is now complete, and two Zonderkidz titles are winners: Lucy Doesn’t Wear Pink by Nancy Rue is a silver winner in the Pre-Teen category, and Tiny Bear’s Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones is a gold winner in the Religious/Spirituality category. (Children's book writers will want to read these award winning books.)


Final Call for Christian Small Publisher Book Award Nominations

Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year honors books produced by small publishers each year for outstanding contribution to Christian life. Nominations are accepted in four categories: Fiction, Nonfiction: General, Nonfiction: Biography, and Children’s. Nominations must be received by November 15, 2008.

Books must be published by a small publisher with annual revenues of $350,000 or less. Nominated books must be Christian in nature and intended for the Christian marketplace. All nominated books must be printed in English and for sale in the United States. Any small publisher can nominate titles for the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award.

Christian Small Publishers Association is the sponsor of this new book award. To view the eligibility guidelines and download the nomination form, visit


Harrison House Publishers Expects Operations to Continue as Usual

Harrison House Publishers announced today that it has elected to file a voluntary Chapter 11 petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma, in order to implement a restructuring and permanently improve its capital structure. A Chapter 11 reorganization provides the company with the opportunity to protect its assets during this time with a structured focus on building for the future. Normal business operations will continue during the reorganization process.

Friday, October 24, 2008


November 30 is the deadline for the 2008 Fall Fiction Contest. Open to all writers. Prizes: 1st $3,000, 2nd $1,500, 3rd $750, and $100 for ten finalists. All entries will be considered for publication. Contest guidelines at All entries must be made online.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


According to Aletha Hinthorn, Come to the Fire (formerly called Women Alive! will cease publication as of the November/December issue. Their emphasis now will be on promoting the Come to the Fire conferences. They will keep in touch with their readers/writers by e-mail and with an occasional newsletter.


Conciliar Press: Robert Clark, acquisitions editor (; Jane G. Meyer, children’s editor. Send hard copy to 3112 Calle Rosales, Santa Barbara CA93105. Page 158.

Celebrate Life: Stephanie Hopping, editor. Page 349.

Eureka Street: submission go to Tim Kroenert; Page 368.

Evangelical Times: Edgar Andrews and Roger Fay, editors ( Page 369.

Focus on the Family: Linda Arnold is new editorial assistant. Drop Deb Landers and Michael Ridgeway. Now pays .30-.35/word for articles 375-1,100 words. Page 372.

Indian Life: Jim Uttley is again editor; drop Viola Jones. Page 383.

National Catholic Reporter: Pam Schaeffer, executive editor ( Page 395.

Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith: Arie Leegwater, editor; 1726 Knollcrest Cir. S.E., Grand Rapids MI 49546; The above address is for the editor; new address for the publication is PO Box 668, Ipswich MA 01938. Page 401.

Relevant and Relevant Online: Corene Israel, print editor; Elizabeth Sloan, online editor. Page 407.

Sports Spectrum: Brett Honeycutt, editor;, or Page 413.

Preschool Playhouse: R. Sailes, Ed.D, Director of Children’s Curriculum ( Page 434.

Primary Street: R. Sailes, Ed.D, Director of Children’s Curriculum ( Page 435.

Catholic Telegraph: Tricia Hempel, editor; Page 347.

Missiology: J. Nelson Jennings, editor. Page 449.

Barefoot: Stephanie Wilson, editor. Page 454.

Evangelical Baptist: Jennifer Bugg, managing editor; PO Box 457, Guelph ON N1H 6K9, Canada; 519-821-4830, ext. 229; fax 519-821-9829. Page 458.

Connected: Bert Williams, editor; Jenann Elias, assistant editor; Page 473.

InTeen: Query LaTonya Taylor, editor ( Page 475.

Young Adult Today: Query LaTonya Taylor, editor ( Page 479.

Precious Times: Marilyn White, publisher/editor-in-chief; 3857 Birch St., Ste. 215, Newport Beach CA 92660. Page 491.

Monday, October 20, 2008


First-Ever Book Fair Anticipates Thousands in Attendance

Phoenix, Arizona—The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) has now confirmed the participation of more than 140 authors for its first-ever Christian Book Expo (CBE), a new consumer-oriented book event slated for Dallas, Texas, during March 2009. Christian Book Expo is a first for ECPA and the first Christian book fair of its type, which will bring together publishers, authors and consumers for a three-day book event. Bestselling authors including Max Lucado, Donald Miller, Philip Yancey, Karen Kingsbury, Lee Strobel, Gary Chapman, Stephen Arterburn, J.I. Packer, Don Piper, Andy Stanley, Mary Manz Simon, Bill Bennett, Henry Blackaby, Ruth Haley Barton, Stormie Omartian, Colleen Coble, Sheila Walsh and Elizabeth George, will be speaking, signing books, conducting workshops and meeting consumers during Christian Book Expo 2009.

Bob Hawkins, President of Harvest House Publishers, believes Christian Book Expo “presents an ideal venue for evangelical book enthusiasts (professional and end users, alike) to connect with one another and a great many authors.” More than twenty Harvest House authors will attend Christian Book Expo.

The inaugural Christian Book Expo will be held in Dallas, Texas, on March 19-22, 2009, at the Dallas Convention Center. ECPA is inviting publishers, ministries, authors and booksellers to exhibit in this open-to-the-public event. Activities at the three-day Expo will include workshops, seminars, mini-events and evening programming—all led by authors—and more than 125 author events are registered to date. Many author groups will be represented at CBE, including Chi Libris, American Christian Fiction Writers, Advance Writers and Speakers Association, the Christian Writers Guild, and scores of self-published authors as well as agents.

“We’re delighted to have passed the milestone of 100 authors committed to attend Christian Book Expo 2009,” states ECPA President Mark Kuyper. “We’re currently at 142 confirmed authors, with at least 30 more authors invited but not yet confirmed. The breadth of genres represented by these authors—from fiction to theology to children’s books and business titles—hints at the variety of experiences book lovers will enjoy at CBE.”

For more information on the 2009 Christian Book Expo, contact Mark Kuyper, 480-966-3998, or visit A list of current authors confirmed as of October 17, 2008 is available at


Plan now to attend CBA Industry Conference .09. CBA Industry Conference .09, Jan. 14, 2009, at the Sheraton Hotel Atlanta, will set the industry’s focus into the future by demonstrating and walking attendees through the latest retail intelligence, consumer data, and digital marketing strategies for cost-saving and growth.

Redesigned for maximum impact and minimum cost, the one-day CBA Industry Conference .09 will introduce the latest data intelligence including the state of retail, National Retail Federation report findings, and broad-scale consumer research. The insight gained at the CBA Industry Conference will be vital to anyone preparing marketing and merchandising strategies for 2009 and seeking to make the greatest impact in their community and on the end consumer.

Other conference highlights will include step-by-step demonstrations on how to use social networking tools to market and expand your presence in this digital age as well as success stories from retailers already utilizing these tools to grow their stores. The one-day schedule will be packed with vital information and step-by-step demonstrations to help you realize maximum impact through your ministry.

For only $35, you’ll receive a full day of content you can’t afford to miss—-and lunch is included. The timing and location of the Industry Conference in Atlanta will allow participants to also take part in the AmericasMart and the CTAI Marketsquare Intl. Registration and housing reservations are available for the Atlanta conference, and information on the Southern California conference will also be available soon. To register for the CBA Industry Conference Atlanta, go to or call CBA at (800) 252-1950.


Zondervan, a world leader in Christian communications, today announced that it will serve as the preferred distributor of the Reader Digital Book by Sony to the CBA market. Zondervan will sell both individual Reader Digital Books to retailers and will also offer special pricing of Zondervan content for the Reader. A select number of digital titles will be available with more being introduced in the months ahead. An interactive point-of-purchase demonstration fixture for the Sony Reader is also available for CBA stores through Zondervan.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Gollehon Books is starting a new imprint for Christian/inspirational books and is currently very open to review manuscripts. They are looking for either inspirational or scholarly books, but probably not fiction. Above all, they would like to see an element of controversy in the manuscript--in hopes that would give them a leg up with publicity.

Publisher, John Gollehon (, is looking for both agented and nonagented books. He wants to see only a proposal, a sample page or two, along with the author's bio listing all credentials. If interested, they will request to see the full manuscript.

Their plan is to produce both trade paperbacks and hardcover books--and they work fast. You need to know that up to this point this publisher has produced gaming books, but from now on will be concentrating on inspirational titles, and possibly will move into the areas of sports or gardening.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ONLINE CHAT WITH THE SHACK AUTHOR, the family- friendly bookstore, is hosting a free online chat with William Paul Young, author of the No. 1 New York Times best-selling book, "The Shack," on Oct. 22 as a part of the weekly "Authors at Abunga" chat series.

"This novel has created a big buzz among readers," said Chairman Lee Martin. "Our online chat will give people the chance to ask their questions directly to Mr. Young and learn his thoughts and inspiration behind the story."

Young, a Canadian-born son of missionaries, wrote the novel as a personal story for his six children, and never intended it to be for public consumption. Since its debut on the market, "The Shack" has sky-rocketed to success, landing in the No. 1 spot on several trade paperback fiction best-seller lists.

The fictional redemptive story revolves around Mackenzie Allen Phillips, whose daughter is tragically abducted during a family vacation. Shortly after, evidence of her murder is found in an abandoned shack.

Four years later Phillips receives a note, supposedly from "God," inviting him back to the shack. Accepting the offer, even against his better judgment, Phillips experiences an unexpected encounter that will forever change his life. For more information, visit

The online chat will take place from 2- 3 p.m. EDT on Oct. 22 at Questions are currently being accepted at the "Authors at Abunga" Web page and will also be taken during the chat. An archive of the chat will be available at on the following day for those unable to attend.

"Many people may not have the opportunity to attend an event with Mr. Young and hear him speak about his book," Martin said. "But the online chat format allows anyone with Internet access the opportunity to join in, and we hope people will take advantage of this." is an online bookstore founded to provide families a protected shopping environment. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., offers safety with more than 2 million family-friendly titles; savings through distributor-direct prices; and support to nonprofit organizations by donating 5 percent of each transaction to a customer- selected charity. For more information, visit