Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Following are some tips picked up from agents at the recent Oregon Christian Writers' conference:

* Current hot trends: romance and its variations (readers looking for escape); Christian living (serious look at a personal relationship with God); growth of e-books; less how-to.

* Some agents will handle books that started out as e-books--some will not.

* Agents typically do not get involved with promoting your book, although they may consult with the publisher on what their plans are for promoting a book.

* Some agents are becoming publishers as well--considered a conflict of interest.

* If you have a problem with your agent, go to the agent first and try to resolve any issues before looking for a new agent. Another agent will not want to deal with you until you have officially broken ties with the old one.

* Agents tend to be slow to respond, so give them time to get back to you.

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