Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have this new Studio in Los Angeles called Holy Wood Acting Studio. In addition to improving their acting skills and providing aspiring actors with the necessary tools to excel as professionals, we teach them how to love themselves as much as God loves them which will give the future actor really strong confidence in our Personal Growth and Development program. We train our students to be powerful leaders since their career as actors naturally requires them to lead masses from the screen in our Leadership program. In Health and Fitness integrated with Theology of the Body students become aware of their own dignity and rediscover their beauty. They learn to enhance and maintain their body with exciting classes and exercises challenging them to become the awesome person God intended for them to be. This all encompassing program will give students the strength needed not only to avoid the dangers of fame and money but to be stewards of these gifts in a great way to lead and to bring light to millions. We understand that acting is not only a job, its a calling. 
Carlos Espinosa 
Holy Wood Acting Studio

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