Sunday, May 27, 2012


From the South emerges Southern Writers Magazine, the magazine that promotes authors and highlights their books. A unique forum to share and learn secrets of success. We serve marketing advice, building plat forms, grow network of readers, and expand name recognition. We highlight authors who show you how they became successful.
Our promotion for authors goes farther than the magazine. We promote the author’s books in our on-line bookstore, a blog for the author to guest post (which helps to raise ratings) and our Open Mic Nite where the author promotes their book with audio, pictures, bios and events. We promote authors on Facebook and Twitter. Coming this year will be two new avenues where we will promote authors. (Stay tuned)

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Eddie Jones said...

Love this magazine. They featured my YA novel, The Curse of Captain LaFoote, and did a wonderful job presenting the book and my comments regarding my passion for helping boys develop a love for reading. I know a lot of magazine fold due to economic pressures but I hope this one hangs around. Quality product. EJ