Monday, November 12, 2012


Harvest House Publishers is unveiling a new company motto, Grow True™. This motto change comes shortly after the announcement of a new corporate logo. “Both the new motto and logo underscore Harvest House’s focus on producing resources that encourage spiritual growth rooted in the life-nourishing truths of God’s Word,” states Bob Hawkins, Jr., longtime president of the family-run business.  “Grow True™ conveys a positive message about the unchanging direction of our company and its products. It speaks simply of helping readers grow true into who God created them to be, no matter what their circumstances in life.” Mary Cooper, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Services at Harvest House, says, “We have always been committed to clear biblical teaching and helping Christians grow in their faith. We want to help readers on their journey to growing spiritually strong in a way that stays true to God’s Word.” The new motto affirms and builds upon Harvest House’s mission statement, “To glorify God by providing high-quality products that affirm biblical values, help people grow spiritually strong, and proclaim Jesus Christ as the answer to every human need.”

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