Saturday, May 4, 2013


Mark Winz, editor of Worldwide Challenge magazine, was elected to the position of president-elect by the Evangelical Press Association during the May 3, 2013 business meeting. He will serve two years as president-elect, and then become president for a two-year term.

Winz says, "In the last few years we've moved from weekly or monthly print deadlines into a world where yesterday's tweet is old news. We need to help each other learn how to use digital tools, alongside our traditional methods, to get the life-changing message of Christ's desperate love to a world becoming more and more actively disinterested in Him. And we need to use those tools to mobilize the believers we serve through our publications so they can each play a role in proclaiming that message of love."

He adds, "I hope to help you through the EPA by finding excellent training so we can proclaim our message more powerfully, to seek methods we can use to connect more clearly so we can learn from each other, and to offer ways for you hone your skills so you can communicate more effectively with limited resources." 

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