Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hi All--In case you haven't gotten the word. WinePress Publishing is going out of business. If you still have business with them, the only e-mail that works is: wpfulfillment@gmail.com. Apparently they are bogged down with e-mails from their authors, and indicate it may take up to two weeks to get a response--but they do promise to respond. Don't wait too long to contact them. Sally


Jody Moreen said...

I am one of 1500 authors who published with WinePress and their other publishing lines like Pleasant Word and others. Winepress authors are navigating this together on an online group. There is an engaging article on Chip Macgregor's (Literary Agent) blog about the WP closing. Many comments by authors and others about their specific experiences with WP. Also in the comments section there is mention on how WinePress authors only can join an online group to share with other WP authors, find support and guidance on handling the fallout. http://www.chipmacgregor.com/current-affairs/last-word-winepress-publishing/

Eric Tangumonkem said...

I am one of the Winpress Authors who did not get what WP promised. I gave my book "Coming to America: A Journey of Faith to Winepress in 2010 and told them I was interested in offset printing. I paid for the services and was expecting for 2500 books that have not been delivered. Winepress pulled the plug without warning and all the royalties from the sales of my e-books have not been paid.