Monday, June 23, 2008


Compass Direct News is a paying market ($125-175). Page 360.

Evangel (OR) no longer accepts poetry, cartoons, or filler ideas. Page 369.

Glad Tiding (AR) has changed their name to Koinonia; 479-756-5074. The rest of their info remains the same. Page 374.

Home Times Family Newspaper no longer accepts book reviews. Page 379.

Teach Kids! has been replaced by Teach Kids essentials.; The new publication is an 8-page newsletter. Pays a subscription for 250-300 word articles related to children’s ministry. Page 443.

Sabbath School Leadership has changed their name to LEAD Magazine;; No longer accepts cartoons. Page 467.

Women Alive! has changed its name to Come to the Fire Magazine; Page 495.

Poetic Voices has changed their name to Esdra's Scroll. Page 502.

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