Saturday, December 6, 2008


Many of you know that I’d been talking about semi-retirement from AMG Publishers at the first of the year. It now appears to be a reality—it begins this coming Friday, December 12. But with Christmas coming up, it’ll be more of a actuality on January 1.

I’ll be working with AMG Publishers on a retainer basis—I’m guessing about 20 hours a week. The end result is—I will become an Independent Contractor—completely separated from AMG as an employee and totally independent (as required by the IRS).

Any current projects that I am presently working, I will continue to work on. Be assured that only my status has changed, my workload will remain the same.

Even though I am on a retainer fee with AMG, I will be offering my services to others as an editor, consultant, etc. And yes, I’ll still be attending four or so writer’s conferences a year. Rick Steele will be the new acquisition person at AMG, taking my place. But both Rick and I will be working on acquisitions—that will not change.

My new office will be at my home, though I’ll definitely be seen at the AMG offices every now and then.

Please be sure assured that everything about my semi-retirement has been amicable.

I will no longer be receiving email through AMG Publishers. See the new contact information below.

I thank God for allowing me to work with AMG Publishers for seven years. The relationship has been wonderful. I know tens of thousands of lives have been touched. He continues to give me strength and hope after eight years with prostate cancer. I can only say, “Praise the Lord.”

Blessings and hugs,


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