Monday, March 2, 2009

Churchmouse Publications, LLC has issued its first round of acceptance letters and syndicate-producer agreements to its initial group of producers. The features of this select PRE-LAUNCH group of producers will be available for syndicated publication and purchase on OPENING DAY of

The editors at Churchmouse Producers request that all current and potential producers hold all further submissions until AFTER THE LAUNCH of the website.

“Clearly,” says Churchmouse steward Clarice James, “we will always welcome qualified producers and excellent features, but the submission and review process will change POST-LAUNCH. At that time, potential producers will be able to create their own account on the website and upload their features for review by our Editorial Advisor Board. The process will be streamline and more efficient.”

Churchmouse steward Susan Loud added, “Everyone has been working hard—our producers, our Editorial Advisory Board, and our staff. The website designers and programmers are doing a great job incorporating our ideas and requirements into a system more complex than we first envisioned.

“We know you all want to know the EXACT DATE of the launch—and so do we! What we can tell you is that our whole team is moving forward to that end. As soon as we are satisfied that the website is functioning as designed and that all the features have been uploaded and ready to go, we promise to let you know. We wouldn’t consider celebrating without you!”

You may request the Churchmouse Publications Submissions Guidelines by emailing Thank you!

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