Friday, July 3, 2009


I mentioned in the 2009 market guide that BGC World would be changing their name this year. That name has been changed to Point. They have also changed their organizational/denominational name to Converge Worldwide. The rest of the information in their listing appears to stay the same. Page 270.

(Note: this publication is in the market guide, but information arrived too late to include it in its entirety.) Churchmouse Publications, LLC., P.O. Box 9, Hudson NH 03051;(603)578-1860;; Established in. 2008. Clarice G. James & Susan W. Loud, editors. Web-based Christian publishing syndicate. 80% unsolicited freelance;10% assigned. Query by e-mail. Markets to periodicals/newspapers/churches/faith-based organizations. Payment split 50/50 between syndicate and author. Articles/devotions/essays 500-600 words words. Guidelines by e-mail. Poetry: 35-250 words. Fillers: Open to cartoons/puzzles/quotes; 2-75 words. Columns/Departments: Open to columns; 500-600 words. Sermon illustrations 100-700 words. Special Needs: Articles, children’s material, interviews, comic strips, artwork, graphics/or photography, op ed pieces, etc. Tips: “Our needs are varied and wide-open now. If you are excellent what you do (whether it’s writing a column, devotional, or how-to feature, or creating a comic or puzzle) we’re much more interested in accepting your work than rejecting it. See complete guidelines.” See guidelines for wide range of material they accept. Page 285.—listed in the market guide as a paying market—no longer pays. They now ask that submissions be donated. Page 319.

New address and contact information for Perspectives Journal: 4500 – 60th Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids MI 49512; 616-392-8555, ext. 131; fax 616-392-7717. Page 329.

The children’s publication, Guide Magazine, has changed their policy regarding documentation for nature and historical stories. Because their editors need to check the accuracy of facts given in a story, they will now require that writers include sources for such documentation when they submit a story (such as a magazine page or Website where you found the information). They suggest that you copy the book or magazine pages or Web pages to send with your submission. Page 356.

Ministry Today is now available in a free online version. You just have to sign up to get the free version by going to: Page 389.

Ignite Your Faith has ceased publication. Page 402.

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