Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Bible stories for children may never be the same as BibleRhymes launches its new membership site ( with interactive books, games, and more.

BibleRhymes introduced the first of its hardcover children's book series in 2007. It has since released two more books featuring vivid art and unique rhymes that showcase some of the Bible's most popular stories, including the Christmas Story. The original website not only offered samples from the books, but a great deal more free poetry by Ken McCardell, founder and author of BibleRhymes.

But now the company has reinvented itself, still making its hardcovers available while also offering a fully interactive website. The site now includes Bible- based jigsaw puzzles, quiz games, word searches, crosswords, and other video games. In addition, the books have gone digital with lifelike turning pages, animations on every page, sound effects, clickable actions, a built-in dictionary, and optional narration by the author.

To compliment the books and games, there are forums, polls, and other forms of interaction, as well as writing, for parents and older children.

"We wanted to make a clean and entertaining site with something for a wide spectrum of people," says McCardell. "I've had kids from four years old up to teenagers playing our quizzes and painting games already, not to mention my adult editor getting lost in the word searches. And this is just the beginning."

With two interactive e-books so far, hundreds of games, and plenty of ways for people to connect with one another, McCardell still points out that many more books, games, and improvements to the website are coming. Right now, they're setting a strong foundation and direction for all the things they'll bring their members.

"When people see what my team has been working on, they're going to fall in love," he says, noting that free videos show the digital books in action. "Between the music, the animations, the illustrations, the rhymes, and the games all packaged together to make Biblical learning fun, has taken a big step toward becoming an online centerpiece for people of faith."

You can learn more about BibleRhymes and the new website by visiting it online at

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