Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I know you have resources to let Christian writers know of needs. I have been approached to be in a partnership to produce PR will be a site hosting an electronic magazine, have radio, television, store, prophetic blogging.....

The magazine will be published I believe weekly and carried on our site, facebook and many other sites. We have the technology to do this and are currently in the process of setting it all up. Looking at something edgy with an appeal to under 40 (although not all of us are under 40). Our slant will be towards a prophetic view and we will have some writers already to contribute.

I am coming to you as we will be needing some on fire writers to help produce an electronic on line magazine - writers interested in a prophetic viewpoint.

This initially will not be a paid position however we are looking to the future with carrying ads and our product to put us in a place where we eventually can pay our writers. So it would at first be an investment on their part. We have several areas from features to music and book chats.

I would appreciate you letting your readers know. Those of interest can respond to me at
using the line The Prophetic River.

Ginny Seymour

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