Tuesday, January 5, 2010


* Citizen USA is now called Christian Citizen USA: P.O. Box 49365, W. Carrollton OH 45449-0365. Page 286.

* Good News in South Florida is now called The Good News in Florida; editor@goodnewsfl.org. Page 303.

* LIVING is now called LIVING For the Whole Family; mediaforliving@gmail.com; www.LivingForTheWholeFamily.com. Page 315.

* Cornerstone Youth Resource is now called Insight Youth Resource. Instead of first rights they now buy non-exclusive full rights. Page 382.

* L.I.V.E. is now LIVE Magazine; Cheryl A. Pullins, founder/editor-in-chief; info@liv-magazine.com. Page 415.

* The following periodicals have new contact information:
** Animal Trails: www.shoutlife.com/AnimalTrails; drop mailing address. Page 267.

** Keys to Living: Send e-mail to owcam@verizon.net for a list of upcoming themes. Page 312.

** Living Light News: E-mail and Website are now .com instead of .org. Payment for U.S. writers is now .10/word. Page 316.

** A New Heart: HCFUSA@gmail.com. Page 325.

** Nostalgia Magazine: P.O. Box 203, Spokane WA99210-0203; 509-299-4041. Page 326.

** ParentLife: www.lifeway.com/parentlifeblog (blog). Page 328.

** The Presbyterian Outlook: www.pres-outlook.org. Page 332.

** Purpose: 724-887-8500; fax 724-887-3111. Now pays up to .06/word for articles up to 300 words. Page 334.

** Archaeology: Drop mailing address; new e-mail is shannonsdustytrails@yahoo.com. Page 354.

** Journal of Christian Education: www.jce.org.au; articles 3,000-6,000 words. Page 367.

** Rejoice! (daily devotional): 204-488-0610; no longer uses sidebars. Page 373.

** J.A.M.: Jesus and Me: new phone extension is 373. Page 403.

** Young Christian: www.shoutlife.com/YoungChristian; drop the yahoo group listed. Page 406.

** InspiredMoms.com: wendy@inspiredmoms.com. Page 414.

* The following periodicals are out of business, use no freelance, asked to be deleted, or we were unable to contact:
** Community Spirit (no freelance). Page 287.

** God Allows U-Turns Book Series (asked to be deleted). Page 302.
** The Wittenburg Door: currently on hiatus. Page 352.

** Conqueror/InsideOut: No freelance; now staff-written. Page 402.

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