Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Thriving Family is a new publication replacing the Focus on the Family Magazine which has been discontinued. It focuses on marriage and parenting. Most articles focus on marriage or the needs of family with children 4-12. The magazine is divided into the following departments: Family Stages (50-200 words; pays $50), For Fun (500 words; pays $175), Family Faith & Family Entertainment (not open to freelance), Features (1,200-2,000 words), Family Life (For Him (450 words), For Her (450 words), Blended Family (800 words), and Extended Family (450 words). These pay .25/word. They also have an online version and accept articles 800-1,200 words for that. Review their theme lists for more details. Submissions can be mailed to: Submissions Editor, [Department’s name], Thriving Family Magazine, Focus on the Family, 8605 Explorer Dr., Colorado Springs CO 80920; or e-mail to: thrivingfamilysubmissions@family.org (copied into message; no attachments).

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Thriving said...

Thanks for the endorsement Sally! We really appreciate it.

If your readers want to check out the online version they can do so at http://www.thrivingfamily.com