Tuesday, August 10, 2010


LAST CHANCE: FAST Screenplay Enrollments are Now Open
...and will close when we're full, or when we launch on August 16th. It may be your last chance to join the Charter Group for unlimited lifetime access with free upgrades to all future versions.

NOTE: Both free videos and all 4 free reports below will be removed when enrollments close. Please visit the site TODAY to watch and download:

VIDEO: The 3 Fundamental Problems of Screenplay Development
The script development process has 3 fundamental problems that put writers and producers at odd. If your approach to screenwriting doesn't directly address them, you're spinning your wheels. (12 mins.)

REPORT: The Missing Ingredient: Why 99% of All Screenplays Fail and How to Put Yours in the Top 1%
This mind-blowing 24-page report shows you precisely what the missing ingredient is, and how exactly to include it. Absolutely essential reading for all screenwriters. (24 pages.)

REPORT: The Secret Skill of the (Truly) Professional Screenwriter
This eye-opening 24-page report reveals the one skill shared by the master screenwriters, and shows you precisely how to acquire it. (24 pages.)

REPORT: FAST Screenplay: The Screenwriting Roadmap
A whole new systematic approach to screenwriting completely revealed in this 31-page report. Nothing is held back. You'll see step-by-step how to turn your idea into a production-ready screenplay. (31 pages)

If you don't want to miss out, and want to quickly get "up to speed" on what FAST Screenplay is all about, check out this video:

VIDEO: A Look On the Inside...
FAST Screenplay is a complete, sytematic, step by step process for creating production-ready screenplays producers can use. This video shows you exactly what it is, where it's going, and why you have an extraordinary opportunity if you act quickly. (17 mins.)

How to Guarantee Completion of Your Production-Ready Screenplay
Most writers will never complete a screenplay producers can actually use. This 32-page report gives you a simple step by step process to guarantee you'll complete yours. (32 pages)

On August 16th, we launch FAST Screenplay Charter Group B
and all the free content will be gone.

See why even screenwriters who have been writing for 20 years call it
"absolutely stunning"... "a game changer"... and "a masterpiece."

FAST Screenplay is a step by step system for developing
production-ready screenplays, and the Charter Group
has limited seats available.

Please hurry... this content goes offline
as soon as we're full, or by
August 16th at the latest!

Full details are online at: http://FASTscreenplay.com

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