Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ancient Paths Publications, P.O. Box 7505, Fairfax Station VA 22039. E-mail: ssburris@cox.net. Skylar H. Burris, editor. Will publish one poetry chapbook every two years. Prefers 60-100 pages. Pays $50, plus one free chapbook. No more than 25% of the content can be previously published. Guidelines by mail or e-mail. Poetry: Query first by mail or e-mail. Have a 60-100 pg. chapbook ready to submit (maximum of 1poem/page.). Each poem a minimum of 8 lines. Publication schedule: March 1, 2011: Query period for poetry opens; February 1, 2012: Query period closes. July 1, 2012: One book will be chosen for first chapbook; September 1, 2012: Publication of first chapbook. Tips: “All poems in your collection should have either Christian themes or universal religious themes.”

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