Friday, February 11, 2011


Oregon Report has two great opportunities for Oregon writers. This is a chance for local writers to increase their exposure and build a fan base in a way that is simple, fun and informative.

Oregon Faith Report: Oregon Faith Report is Oregon’s largest religion website with an average audience of 6,600 monthly unique visitors. Faith Report was created as a central news station to help promote the local activities and press releases of Oregon ministries and religious organizations. Oregon Faith Report is a non-sectarian religion news site that has found an audience of all Oregon faiths (Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, Islamic). This means your writings can be seen by a wider religious audience than traditional opportunities.

Monthly Unique Visitors to various Oregon religion websites: (Oct 2010)
6,600 -- Oregon Faith Report
6,549 -- KPDQ
5,600 -- Catholic Sentinel
1,819 -- Oregon Jewish Review
1,199 -- Christian News Northwest

Writing for Oregon Faith Report is like writing for a small city newspaper
8,360 -- Beaverton Times
6,866 -- Tigard Times
6,600 -- Oregon Faith Report
4,123 -- Wilsonville Spokesman

Faith Report is looking for people of faith to talk about the news and activities going on in their community. For some, this is a much needed opportunity to publicize the exciting programs in their local church ministry (which are often skipped by the local newspapers). For other writers this is a chance to build an audience and grow their writing skills before a viewership of 6,000 people.

Oregon Women’s Report:Oregon Women’s Report is Oregon’s largest website for women. Women’s Report gives Oregon women a chance to talk about their experiences and ideas. Some of the current writers come from fascinating backgrounds like a Eugene News Anchorwoman, a relationships counselor, to a Portland comedian who did a comedy tour in Iraq.

Until the internet came along, the idea of women’s magazines was limited to tabloids and trashy TV talk shows. Now the average mom, working woman and youthful creative can pool their talents together to create a magazine that looks more like them and their values.

Women’s Report is looking for writers to write a once a month column. Articles can be about life lessons, advice, personal experiences or favorite activities. Size does not matter, just as long as it is interesting. Writing for Women’s Report is both fun and rewarding. It is more than just a blog it is a community. We host social dinner parties to exchange ideas and encourage each other. You can grow as a writer and as a person.

How to join the family: For more information on being a volunteer writer for Oregon Report please contact Jason at 503-644-1300 or

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