Saturday, September 22, 2012


Whether you're a young writer exploring your college options or a writer with a significant amount of life experience who wishes to go back to school and learn additional writing strategies, you may be trying to decide which Christian college to attend. It's a tough choice because there are actually quite a few Christian liberal arts colleges and universities that boast prestigious writing programs. To help you sort through all the possible choices, here are four of the top Christian schools you may want to consider:
1. Judson University
This Evangelical Christian liberal arts university in Elgin, Illinois is the perfect fit for the aspiring writer who wants to be challenged by his or her academic community. Judson University offers a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in writing. Writers enrolled at the university are exposed to relevant Christian and secular literature and are offered numerous creative, professional, and academic writing courses to explore.
2. Belhaven University
This Christian liberal arts institution in Jackson, Mississippi is an ideal choice if you're chiefly interested in pursuing creative writing in school. In fact, it's the only college in the U.S. that offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. (Other schools offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in creative writing without the fine arts distinction). Belhaven professors use the bible and biblical theory to help writers learn how to write in a manner that is inspired by God and fueled by the creative gifts he bestows upon us. If you want to learn how to become a more inspired Christian writer, definitely consider this program.
3. Biola University
Located in beautiful Mirada, California, Biola University is a liberal arts oasis for Christian writers who wish to sharpen their skills. Biola offers a major in writing that allows students to take rhetoric, professional writing, academic writing, and creative writing classes. Biola is an excellent choice for conservative Christians who wish to be guided as writers by both the Bible and traditional evangelical teachings.
4. Perelandra College
If moving to a new place to attend college is out of the question, you may want to consider Perelandra College, an accredited online college for Christian writers. This online school offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Creative Writing and is run by Christian writers with a plethora of professional experience in the creative writing world and impressive academic credentials from top creative writing schools like the University of Iowa.
Choosing the right program based on your particular needs as a writer is essential. So, consider the outstanding schools above and trust that God will lead you on the right academic path to becoming a better Christian writer!
Caroline Ross is a guest blogger, freelance writer, and novelist who helps high school students and adults find the right college programs for their needs. When she's not writing for, Caroline leads a Christian book club, spends time with her family, and researches trends in online education. Please feel free to leave comments and questions for Caroline below!


Mary Harwell Sayler said...

Sally, I've appreciated your updates and marketing info for years and would love to re-post your hotlink and first few lines of each new post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog - Since we're both on Blogger, I can do this easily if you can add a Share It gadget with "B" option to re-post. If so, let me know. Thanks - Mary

Bethany said...

Hi Sally, I'm a staff writer at Judson University and also an alumna of their Communications/Writing program. I would love to know how you're connected with Judson and who you know from their program! You can email me at bsuckrow [at] judsonu [dot] edu. Thanks!