Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A new writing friend and publicist alerted me to this new Website: Think of it as Amazon cleaned up. The company was apparently started by some Chrisitan business men who wanted to offer books on a family-friendly site. All the books have gone through a screening process so they are sure there is nothing in them that would be offensive to families or children. They carry Christian books, but also general ones--a wide variety of titles. The added bonus is that they will donate 5% of your purchase to a charity of your choosing. The site also contains other information of interest. Be sure to check out their blog (accessible from the Website). The reason you haven't heard about them is that the site just launched last November.

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gavin said...

Thanks for the link! This is Gavin and I'm part of the team. I just wanted to clarify one point you made about our site. Because of the size of our catalog, over 1.5 million titles, we can't guarantee that all the books are "family friendly". What we've done to clean up those titles that make it past our filters is we allow you, our site users to block those books they find inappropriate.

If you're familiar with Wikipedia it's similar that we allow people to change what we sell. We closely monitor the list of customer blocked books, and we remove titles based on blocks weekly.


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