Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dear Writer,

Hello! I pray you are well. I’m writing to share some exciting news with you. Standard Publishing is adding a new title to its program book offerings! The working title of this book is Holiday Programs for the Church. It is 64 pages and will include material for 10 holidays:

New Year’s
Martin Luther King Day
Sanctity of Life
Mother’s Day
Memorial Day
Father’s Day
Independence Day (Patriotic)
Promotion Sunday
Pastor Appreciation

Beginning this March and going through April 15, I will be accepting manuscripts for the new Holiday program book and the two Easter program books.

The program book writers’ guidelines have been revised. They are attached here for your convenience. You can also find them at www.standardpub.com . If you submit material, please be sure to read and follow the new guidelines.

All manuscripts are submitted on speculation. However, from time to time I may assign some writing. If you would like to be considered for assignments, please send me a quick e-mail letting me know. My address is emeyers@standardpub.com .

Thank you for your time. I hope we can work together soon!

Elaina Meyers
Program Book Editor

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