Monday, May 19, 2008


The Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour runs May 19-21st. The group is mainly comprised of ACFW members who write and promote speculative fiction.

This month the group is touring 'MindFlights' a speculative webzine that pays its contributors. The website address:

The CSFF Tour repeats every month. Each month we read one of the following; a published novel, magazine, short story, webzines, etc., then post our reviews and comments on our blog sites. We also leave comments on each other's site. This has proven to be an effective means to promote this exciting genre. And anyone can participate!! Hint! Hint! :)

Even if you don't write speculative fiction, but enjoy reading it you're welcome to come on board. Nor do you have to participate every month.

I encourage you to drop by and read my musings on MindFlights. Next month we will review: Kathryn Mackel's Vanished.

If you'd like more Intel on CSFF you can email Rebecca Miller at:

And check out the CSFF Site:

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