Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am writing a book on the Internet Evangelism phenomenon for Broadman and Holman Publishers. The book is tentatively titled, "NetCasters: Harnessing the Internet to Make Fishers of Men." I'm looking for testimonies of people who have come to Christ through relationships built online -- or by watching or reading a gospel presentation on the Web.

There are now dozens of ways that people can communicate on the Internet -- whether it be through e-mail, a chat room, a message board, a social network like MySpace or Facebook, or through an affinity Web site. Internet evangelists are using all of these various methods -- and more -- to share the Gospel with seekers online.

Do you know someone who has come to Christ through a relationship built on the Internet? Or perhaps they came to salvation after watching an online video or reading a Gospel presentation online. I'd like to share their story.

If you know of a story like this that I could use in this book, please feel free to e-mail it to me at craig@vonbuseck.com. Or you can send me the contact information and I would be happy to contact the person and conduct an interview.

My deadline for the book is June 15th, so if you have a story that you could send me in the next couple of weeks it would be most appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions.

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