Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Christian Writers Guild Participating in ECPA’s Christian Book Expo Dallas 2009

Phoenix, AZ—The Christian Writers Guild has announced that it will host its Christian Communicators Seminar during Christian Book Expo (CBE) Dallas 2009. The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) is the host for CBE, a first-ever Christian book show in Dallas, Texas, on March 20-22, 2009. The book show is open to everyone interested in Christian books, and groups such as The Christian Writers Guild are making the most of an opportunity to extend their brand to avid readers.

“Book reading and book writing go hand-in-hand. We believe the Christian Book Expo will be a great place for us to connect with writers,” says Jerry B. Jenkins, owner of the Christian Writers Guild.

Jenkins, widely known as the co-author of the popular Left Behind book series, will be leading, with a variety of other Guild professionals, the Christian Writers Guild’s sessions. Currently, some of the topics for the sessions include fiction, non-fiction, creativity, speaking and magazine writing. The Christian Writers Guild will also host a booth on the CBE show floor to market its program to writers.

ECPA is particularly pleased with the Guild’s participation: “The Christian Book Expo will be a magnet for book lovers, some of whom are also aspiring authors. So the Guild’s presence helps us present an expanded view of the publishing process,” says ECPA President Mark Kuyper. “This is one more opportunity for CBE to connect readers with the authors and books they love.”

The Christian Book Expo is the only consumer book show for Christian books. Held March 20-22, 2009, in Dallas, CBE is expected to attract thousands of book lovers and authors.

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