Friday, May 29, 2009


A recent Washington Post article focused on the lengthy processing times the Copyright Office is experiencing in wake of its transition from a paper-based to an electronic processing environment. The Copyright Office is working diligently to improve processing times and service to the public in general. To clarify, current processing times by filing method are as follows:

E-Service with Electronic Deposit: 5 months for 90% to be completed; 33% completed in 2.5 months
E-Service with Physical Deposit: 6.5 months for 90% to be completed; 33% completed in 3 months
Paper Claims: 18 months for 90% to be completed; 33% completed in 12 months
You can save money and time and help us improve our services by filing claims online via eCO. Please visit for more information.


Sheila Deeth said...

Hmmm. Still waiting to hear on one of the books I sent in January, but the other two I was asked to resend (in May) because "the level of radiation" destroyed them???

Michelle said...


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