Thursday, October 15, 2009


As this year speeds to a close and the 2010 market guide is in the final editing process, I decided it was time to let you know what will be happening with the guide for 2010. First, I have a new publisher--Tyndale House. And although this will be the 25th annual edition, the change in publishers is also an indication that there will be some changes over previous years.

* The release time will be about the same--around the first of January.

* The price will be lowered to $24.99 (currently $34.99).

* The CD will not come with the guide this year, but will still be available through me. If you are an automatic customer, I will include it for free. If not, it can be ordered with the guide for an additional $6.

* The CD contains the content of the guide, plus about 70 pages of additional resources for writers.

* Tyndale's plan is to have the guide entirely online sometime in the next 4-5 years. No details on that transition have been finalized as yet.

* You can now go to my Website ( and pre-order the 2010 guide, buy the 2009 guide at a year-end special discounted price, and sign up to get the guide automatically every year. If you pre-order the guide you will be among the first to get your copy.

* If you were previously signed up for the automatic order at $29.99 or $34.99, you will automatically be dropped to $24.99, plus postage. If you signed up at a lower price, that will not change.

* If you sign up to get the guide automatically every year as soon as it is available, you freeze the price at the current level--no matter how much it goes up in the future. You pay nothing when you sign up, and the guide will come with an invoice. ( on Bookstore).

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