Sunday, October 25, 2009


AMG Publishers is looking for historical fiction and nonfiction for their God and Country Press imprint. Also needs more reference-type works; Bible studies 4-8 weeks in length; and young adult fiction. Always looking for young adult fantasy and historical fiction for adults. Rick Steele is now director of product development and acquisitions; Page 72.

Deeper Revelation Books now charges a $30 fee for unsolicited submissions. This is a subsidy publisher. Author pays to print books but then owns them. Page 90.

Faith Communications: Drop this listing and see Health Communications. Page 96.

Greenwood Publishing Group/Praeger Publishers is now Praeger Publishers, an imprint of ABC-CLIO; 130 Cremona Dr., Santa Barbara CA 93117; 805-968-1911. New senior acquisitions editor is Michael Wilt ( Page 102.

The former listing: White Rose/The Wild Rose Press is now White Rose Publishing, P.O. Box 708, Adams Basin NY 14410;, or; Page 151.

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