Friday, October 2, 2009


The first annual “Write of Passage” screenwriting competition is now open for entries, as announced today by founder John David Ware. The speed screenwriting competition aims to encourage new writers to enter the world of film. Write of Passage uses a team writing approach and offers finalist scripts the chance to be made into films during the “168 Film Project” competition.

In its 8th year, the 168 Film Project has launched more than 400 short films and many careers for would be filmmakers. The “168” model asks artists to create within strict limitations (a Theme, a Verse and a Week) and without second-guessing. Write of Passage will engage screenwriters with the same method.

“Pairing a writing contest with a production contest is a dream come true for writers who get to see their work,” noted Ware. “Real-world interaction between writers and producers will definitely raise the bar.”
Top scripts will compete for awards and $1,000 cash. Selected scripts will be eligible to be produced by 168 Film Project veterans. Resulting films will be screened during the Write of Passage Spotlight at the 168 Film
Festival, March 26-27, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA.

The contest is sponsored by Resurrection Pictures. “We love Write of Passage and look forward to meeting and working with new writers of faith,” said Resurrection President, Bill Harrity.

The prize package includes a meeting with Producer Ralph Winter (“X-MEN Origins: Wolverine”). In addition,writer/producers Luke Schelhaas (“Law and Order,” “Smallville”) and Brian Bird (“Not Easily Broken”) will
provide professional feedback to the top three writers.

Write of Passage will take place during the week of October 19th-26th, 2009. Submissions must be no more than 12 pages in length and will be based on a supplied, foundational scripture with the theme: “Hearing God.”
“We want to see positive portrayals of realistic people in redemptive, thought-provoking stories that honor God.

Screenplays should show authentic characters, not caricatures,” Ware said.
Writers who wish to enter must complete the registration and submit the $35 entry fee. Writers and producers are encouraged to participate in both Write of Passage and the 168 Film Project.

Entrants may sign-up as a Writer or apply to be a Regional Competition Producer (RCP). RCP’s administer the Write of Passage regional (semi-final) contests and judge the submissions. The best entries will be submitted to the finals in L.A. RCP entry is FREE, but RCP’s may not enter a screenplay in the contest.

RCP’s must apply for the RCP position via a written application available at Signups are Aug. 20 - Oct. 18, 2009. Winners will be announced in November 2009. RCP’s will be featured in the 168 Film
Festival Program along with the top 20 writers. Both groups will receive VIP tickets to the 168 Film Festival.

For questions email
For complete rules:
To sign up as a writer:
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John David Ware said...

Very nice of you to blog on us, we are honored! John David Ware, Founding Director, 168 Film Project and Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition

Karen Wescott said...

Dear Sally,
Just to update the Christian Writers' Marketplace, the 168 "Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition" now has writers from 12 US States and 3 countries, including from as far away as Kalyazin, Tver, Russia.

Thank you and God bless you,

Karen Wescott