Monday, July 19, 2010


We have 5 story's submitted and a prominent politician is considering writing the preface, I'm excited at the direction and progress of this project!

Seeking submissions for a “Sunday Supper” anthology. 10 to 20 writers are needed for an anthology of “Sunday supper” stories.
The story will be about you and your family at one of the last Sunday suppers together at around 4 to 13 years old. It should combine comedy and limited drama. We also seek two notable authors with “name recognition” to write the prefaceand conclusion (suggestions welcome!).
Proceeds from the book will be divided as follows: 50% up front will go to missions and feeding programs. Suggestions regarding deserving programs are welcome, OR, you may join in a non profit organization to oversee the distribution of funds.

The remaining 50% will be divided equally between all the authors, plus the writers handling the preface and conclusion of the book. There will be no prepayments prior to publication. All expenditures will be available
for study upon request.

Submission requirements: 5 to 8 pages approximately, 5.5 x 8.5 inch size, in black, with half-inch
margins on all sides, in single-spaced 14-point type. Please submit a PDF file for review,
If you do not have a program to submit story's in this form, a simple paste into an email will do.
All submissions will be responded to;
Please include e-mail address, and whatever personal information regarding your name and state in which you reside. More information will be required if your story is accepted.
Submissions Quickly Please!
I Sincerely Appreciate your consideration of this project.


Anonymous said...


Yvonne said...

Do you mean a church supper or a family supper at home? What do you mean by "last" Sunday supper?

auslande said...

Do you have a name or names of the individuals or organization who are compiling this anthology?

Merissa said...

Suggested nonprofit

This organization provides food funds for orphanages all around the world!

Gathering around the table with you,

TheWriteChris said...

Can we get a little more details?
1. How many submission do you need?
2. What is the cut-off for submissions?

hutechandy said...

Sounds interesting, but I would also like to know the following:

1. Who is publishing?
2. What country will it be available in?
3. will they consider a charity/institution in South Africa?
4. Is it just a Sunday supper you can remember?
5. Closing date for submissions?
6. Estimated publication date?
7. Do you want sample work before making a choice of author?

My email for reply is
7. How will the selected authors be notified of their acceptance?