Monday, July 26, 2010


I wanted to let you all know about an event that is happening in northern California in August. We are doing a one-day Marketing Bootcamp in San Jose on August 21st. This special event is sponsored by CLASS and it is a day-long intensive workshop on how to market yourself as a speaker and a writer. Kathi Lipp who has become a best selling author and popular speaker by sheer determination will share her tips and sucesses and I will share my more than 3 decades of marketing expertise and help each person leave with a marketing plan that will work for them and their budget. We will cover the latest and greatest things about internet marketing and help each person learn how to build a platform, get more gigs, and sell more books. The course is valuable to both experienced and newbie writers and speakers.

I thought some of you might be interested for yourself and I also thought maybe you might know of some others who need this kind of training. I hope you can come but if you can't, please pass this information on to others.

The one-day conference is held on Saturday Aug 21st at a San Jose hotel and is only $99 for the full day of training. you can go to to get all the details about registration.

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