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We have created a Christian Magazine here in Tallahassee, FL and have a vision of producing our magazine nationwide.

This magazine is the result of my nearly 20 years experience working in the mental health field. There I saw first-hand how one’s spiritual life played a tremendous role in healing an individual of emotional scars, addictions, anxiety and depression, and so on.

At Full Spirit Magazine we firmly believe that while mental health therapy does a great job of helping the person come to understand their condition, it is through a personal relationship with the Lord that true healing occurs.

Scientific studies do, in fact, show that those with a strong Christian faith are far more successful in treatment.

That data only reinforces what we feel in our hearts… Christ has healed our lives and can heal others.

Our magazine is dedicated to what we refer to as “Christian Self Help.” Each issue has stories of success and victory over very troubling issues.

Also featured in each issue are very informative articles from prominent Christian counselors, clergy, and leaders in the self-help field.

We want our readers to not only read stories of how people are changing their lives… we also want to help them understand the psychology of that inner transformation.

It is our belief that God works though therapist, counselors, pastors, speakers, and writers. Each of these professionals on our staff sees their work as a ministry of sorts. Their goal is not to preach or proselytize. They simple help individuals grow in a way that God leads them.

We are a magazine that raises funds through the sale of ads. That may seem like the standard business model. However, we do work differently. Full Spirit Magazine operates by first partnering with a church or Christian group. We provide that organization with the professional quality magazine layout with these great articles and award winning graphics.

The church then goes out into their community to connect with advertising supporters. Many churches like the magazine just for this outreach opportunity it offers. After selling the ads all of the profits raised go to that organization. Full Spirit is also a tremendous fundraiser. A church community or Christian group can raise approximately $20,000 a year this way.

The people who create the magazine are compensated through these ad sales. Full Spirit Magazine only receives a $1000 fee. No portion of that fee goes towards our salaries.

Our artists receive a nice payment for their article (one of the most generous in the writing field). Counselors also get that writing payment or they can chose instead to advertise their services for free in their own community. Graphic designers are also paid well and have a chance to use their gifts to serve others.

The money for these professional services are part of the operational budget and are taken care of through ad sales.

A small portion of the fee paid to Full Spirit is used for office expenses. The majority goes to fund international adoption programs. Over 96% of funds raised this way go to support all these ministries.

We would love for you to become a part of this growing Full Spirit Community. We always welcome:
• New churches looking for a way to grow their ministry
• Writers
• Counselors
• Clergy
• Self-help Experts
• Prayer Support
• Adoption Agencies
• Graphic Artists
• Web Designers
• Business and Marketing Specialists
• Advertisers
• … and anyone with a heart for this sort of mission

Getting involved is easy.

Request a sample issue or Media Kit at:

Submit articles to:

Find out more about partnering your organization with ours at:

Or feel free to contact me directly at or at 850-322-8017

Thank You Very Much

Eric Myers

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy.
James 3:17

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