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Advent Film Group today announced its annual 3-Day Film Workshop takes place in Purcellville, VA, on June 23-25, 2011. "Film schools are no longer the best option for aspiring filmmakers, especially for Christians." George Escobar, founder of Advent Film Group explained. "A better plan is to attend an inexpensive local college, study storytelling as a literature or history major, and save $25,000 plus per year tuition by skipping film school."

Escobar added, "Learn production by volunteering on Christian film sets, and gain knowledge of all other aspects of film by attending Advent's workshops and interning for a Christian production company. Do this for four years and you'll have the credibility, crew, and cash to make your first feature film. Give that four-year $100,000 investment to yourself instead of a school."

Since its inception three years ago, Advent has trained over 200 Christian filmmakers, placing over 80 of them in professional feature length films. "I went from being a novice to a paid professional in eight months, working on a multi-million dollar movie," said Rebekah Cook, now an Advent associate.

While there are hundreds of programs, workshops, and seminars that substitute for film schools, Advent's training approach is different than most. Its students get results because Advent is also a Christian film production and distribution company with three movies under its belt. Its first production, COME WHAT MAY, is distributed by Provident Films, a unit of Sony. Advent harnesses the talents of its most promising workshop attendees, assigning them to actual film projects. Some work in story development, others in production, a few in marketing and distribution. Through Advent's network with other film organizations, the company also makes referrals for their students.

"The primary purpose for Advent's workshops is to turn a filmmaker's focus away from themselves and to put it where it belongs -- which is to tell stories that reveal God working in people's lives," said Mike Snyder, Advent's co-founder.

The workshop's first two days covers everything a filmmaker needs to know to get started. This includes story development, operations, legal, finance, sales, production, post-production, marketing, promotion, and distribution. The third day is an advanced course going deeper into key areas of fundraising, production efficiencies, and self-distribution.

Workshop costs, discounts, schedule, lodging, and directions are on the company website. "The workshop typically sells out in a few days, so we encourage early registration," Escobar advised.

Registration is at

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