Monday, January 3, 2011


CORE12 Ministries is announcing the release of new e-zine (rather men-zine) on January 4th, 2011 at called, "Live Bold." The men-focused publication is climbing the mountain of reaching men for Christ through an electronic magazine. Delivered primarily via website, "Live Bold" will feature a condensed email delivery along with auto publishing onto the mainline social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Greg Arnold, founder of CORE12 Ministries states, "Men deserve to be served with meaningful information. We tore apart the idea of publishing for the male audience and discovered a powerful, useful way to attract, inform, and keep men connected to their faith and teach them to Live Bold with their faith."

Live Bold will offer articles from a core team of writers that have a vast amount of experience serving the male audience in life and ministry with monthly contributions from Greg Arnold, Steve Fandel, Robert Noland, Larry Malone, Glenn Sasscer, and Paul Coughlin. This accomplished team of men will deliver powerful, compact style of writings on various topics of interest from Food, Football, and Work to Technology, Teaching, Ministry, and more. The Live Bold e-zine is free without subscriptions or memberships and targets men of all ages. Arnold further explained the Live Bold format, "Each article is written about things guys care about. What we're doing is merging faith into those areas that exist outside of traditional religion, pushing the boundaries and extending faith into those places where men live everyday."

The e-zine, located at, will also provide an online store called "The Pro Shop" where self-produced items will be sold along with other relevant books and materials. From long form books to short small group guides, the Pro Shop is offering online mail ordering for printed books along with quick access to electronic downloads. The publication also promises to offer t-shirts and other merchandise to help support this ministry effort.

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