Sunday, September 11, 2011


First Biblically Based Facebook Game Journey of Moses Receives High Reviews. Facebook users and critics help Moses game grow since August debut.

Facebook's first biblically-based game, Journey of Moses, continues to receive high accolades from both users and reviewers since its mid-August launch.

Rapidly growing in monthly active users, the Journey of Moses game, which takes players through the twists and turns of milestones in the life of Moses, has been rated a 4.4 out of five stars on Facebook. In addition, several game critics and media outlets have written positive reviews of the game, such as:

"It's a well-polished game with amusing visuals and a surprising amount of depth, much more so than Vatican Wars or Holy Town." -- AOL Games blog

"The Journey of Moses, like Facebook itself, is addictive, and advancement through the game, in which there is 'no winning or losing,' is contingent on social connections." -- CNN Belief blog

"The very fact that this game does a pretty good job of clearly relating these events [of Moses' life] in such a simple format like a Facebook game is pretty impressive ... Besides, if you're going to waste time on Facebook playing a game, why not play a well-made one that's about the Bible?" -- Hollywood Jesus

"With relatively few games sporting religious themes, this title has seen its usage skyrocket since launching earlier this month." -- Inside Social Games

Growing at over 200,000 players, Journey of Moses, like many other social games, provides a forum for community, entertainment and gaming with friends. The game is free to play, though as with other Facebook games players can purchase goods along the way to help enhance their experience.

The game was created by Hexify, which is located in Mountain View, Calif., and has focused on building highly engaging games. For more information, visit

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