Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When submitting to publishers, it is essential that you first study their writers' guidelines and send them exactly what they ask for. However, finding those guidelines is often difficult. For that reason I have just developed a new CD to make your job easier. The CD lists the periodical publishers and the book publishers that include guidelines on their Website. Next to each name is a hotlink to their Website and in some cases directly to their guidelines. A huge time-saver.

For the rest of September the CD will be available for just $5.00. (Starting in October it will be $10.) You can order it and pay by check, PayPal, or credit card. I don't have a spot for it on my Website yet, but if you want to order it in the Website bookstore, just order any $5 item and include a message that it's for the Writers' Guidelines CD. Website: http://www.stuartmarket.com/. PayPal orders to: stuartcwmg@aol.com. Mailed orders to: 15935 SW Greens Way, Tigard OR 97224. Or you can can email or call credit card info to: 503-642-9844.


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