Thursday, April 12, 2012

APRIL WRITING CONTEST April Writing Contest: The Unfilmable Script!!
We know many of you will be in a script writing "frenzy" throughout April for some reason, so we thought we'd offer something completely different... an ANTI-SCRIPT contest!
Write a short script (up to ten pages) that is entirely unfilmable! A number of stories throughout history have been described as "unfilmable" for many reasons -- usually a restriction of technology -- but with all of today's cinematic advances surely there isn't a thing that can't be translated from page to screen... or is there? What could possibly make any given written script impossible to produce?
This is the kind of challenge that will make you question the fundamentals of the medium and there are MANY ways to interpret what is considered "unfilmable". We could give you more parameters or ideas, but we'd rather see what you come up with! Oh and by the way, a "bad" script isn't necessarily unfilmable, I mean just look at Baby Geniuses. That... happened :-/
Deadline is April 30th! Free submission for PRO subscribers and $15 for basic users.  As usual, there is no limit on number of entries per writer. Scripped is also offering optional feedback on your submitted scripts for $10. $250 goes to the writer of the most unfilmable screenplay! Let the chaos ensue!! Mwhaahaha!!  Submit your madness here:

Any questions, email us at
~ The Scripped Guys

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