Friday, April 6, 2012


Here are a couple of new Christian Magazines that have come to my attention:

KINGDOM Life Magazine
5000 Eldorado Pkwy, Ste. 150
Frisco TX 75034
Titus Mathew, publisher

Gospel Roads, walking with the faithful; living out the faith
PO Box 690231
Stockton CA 95269-0231
Sharon Norris Elliott, ed-in-chief


Audrey said...

I get "invalid address" when I try to open the Kingdom Life Magazine site. Is anyone aware of a problem with this information?

missy in africa said...

Audrey, I copied & pasted; it opened right up... Looks to be a very cool mag.
Sally, I'm writing you a note of thanks as I began to consider your blog some years ago looking for good, clean reads. Since then, (... I'm not sure if it should be a "thank-you" or a "Well, thanks!") I have been writing scripts for a Christian dinner theater and just finished publishing my 2nd novel for Kindle!
What? How did that happen? (How do I have time?) It's really come quite natural and I sense with God's approval... You have some wonderful advice and your experience is a well for many to draw from... "Thank you" and sincerely,
Missy (no longer in Africa!)