Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) is pleased to announce the winning titles for the 2012 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award. Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award honors books produced by small publishers each year for outstanding contribution to Christian life. Book lovers and retailers selling Christian products voted on the nominated titles in each of twelve categories.

The winners in each of the twelve categories are:

Yahshua�s Bridge, Sandi Rog, DeWard Publishing Company, 978-1-936341177

Hearts Communion, Marianne Evans, White Rose Publishing, 978-1-611160864

Christian Living
Walking in Broken Shoes, Susan Magnuson Walsh, Grace Acres Press, 978-1-602650329

Bible Study / Theology
The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved, J. Phillips,, 978-0-970268730

Just Honor God, Dr. Rick Metrick, ShadeTree Publishing, 978-1-937331023

Mr. Awana, Art Rorheim, Grace Acres Press, 978-1-602650275

Relationships / Family
Deliver Me: Help, Hope, & Healing through True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy, Dianne E. Butts, Connections Press, 978-0-983164906

Children�s (age 4 to 8)
Today I Found God, Greg Long, author; Nathan Wondrak, illustrator; Halo Publishing International, 978-1-935268239

Children�s (age 8 to 12)
What Do Heroes Wear?, Gary Bower, author; Jan Bower, illustrator; Storybook Meadow Publishing, 978-0-984523634

Young Adult (age 12+)
Purity�s Big Payoff / Premarital Sex is a Big Rip-Off, Donna Lee Schillinger, Editor; The Quilldriver, 978-0-979163982

Gift Book
A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, N.J. Lindquist & Wendy E. Nelles, Editors; That�s Life! Communication, 978-0-978496319

eBook Exclusive
Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Edition, Leanne Beitel, Christian Keyboarding

The winning titles can be viewed at

The Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award is sponsored by Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA). A total of 94 titles were nominated from 63 publishers for the twelve award categories.

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