Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just excited to let you know that the annual Top 50 Periodical Packet is now available. If you are not familiar with the packet, it came about a number of years ago when I realized writers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of Christian magazines listed in the market guide (almost 70). As a result I decided to come up with a scoring system to determine which of those publications are the most "writer-friendly"--in other words are the most likely to buy, buy a lot, pay well, buy reprints, etc. The result is this packet.

What it includes is a list of the top 69 publishers, but features only the top 50 of those. For those 50 you will find a copy of their Writer's guidelines, and a one-page analysis sheet giving more indepth information on that particular publication. They include publications from most of the different sections in the guide--adult, children, Christian education, music, pastors, women, and writers.

The cost of the packet--including postage--is $25. You can order it off my Website with a credit card through PayPal, or just send a check to the address below. If you order from the Website, ignore the fact that it says 2008 (you will automatically get the 2009 edition)--I just haven't gotten that changed yet.

Send mail orders to this address made out to:
Sally Stuart
1647 SW Pheasant Dr.
Aloha OR 97006

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