Friday, January 30, 2009


Editor is seeking book reviewers for Christian Library Journal. The pub is restarting in a different format, but the purpose for the journal stays the same: To provide reviews from a Christian viewpoint of both Christian and non-Christian books for Christian schools, homeschools, and family libraries. Typically, the need is for
reviews of children and YA books. If you are interested, please contact Nancy Hesch with your contact information. I am not a librarian or teacher, but I have reviewed for them in the past. Nancy will send you very detailed instructions so that you will write reviews like a professional! It's excellent practice, and you'll be published in a legitimate format.

Nancy L. Hesch's email below:

We are planning to return to reviewing for the Christian library, and
are recruiting volunteer reviewers. Are you interested in doing some
reviewing for us? Do you have friends who might like to do the same?
Teachers and librarians are especially welcome. Feel free to forward
this message to any you think might be interested. As always, reviewers
keep the books they review. Nice way to build a library!

We will not be publishing the journal as you have seen in the past, but
will be posting individual reviews on our website as they are edited.
In some cases with nonfiction, we will be asking for articles comparing
several books on a particular subject.

If you are interested, please respond with:

Your name, mailing and street address (for shipment of books from
publishers), phone, email.

I will get back to those responding shortly with guidelines, procedures,


Nancy L. Hesch
Christian Library Services
2107 Highway 101 #153
Florence , OR 97439

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