Friday, January 2, 2009


* B & H Publishing: David Webb who has been overseeing the fiction line has left, and Karen Ball is now executive editor for fiction.

* Chalice Press: Trent Butler, editor; Page 153.

* Concilliar Press: Submissions now go to Katherine Hyde ( Page 158.

* Fifth Estate Publishers: Joseph Lumpkin, editor. Drop phone number; no fiction or poetry accepted at this time. Page 168.

* Focus on the Family Book Publishing: Page 168.

* The Wild Rose Press: Rhonda Penders, editor. Page 220.

* African Voices: Layding Kaliba, managing editor. Page 336.

* Canada Lutheran: Trina Gallop is editorial director (; Lucia Carruthers is editor. Page 344.

* Christian Courier (WI): Dr. Dennis Hill, editor; fax 414-918-4503; Page 352.

* Desert Call: Suzie Ryan, editor. Page 363.

* The Lutheran Journal: Vance Lichti is publisher; submit to Editorial Assistant. Page 389.

* Reverent Submissions Journal: Drop J.D. O’Conor; Bev Fowler is now publisher. Page 407.

* Tiferet: Donna Baier Stein, publisher/editor-in-chief. Page 418.

* Clear Horizons: Jonathan Yandell, editor. Page 473.

* More to Life: Andrea Stock, editor; Page 491.

* Northwest Christian Author: Mike Owens, acquisitions editor. Page 501.

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