Tuesday, January 27, 2009


ChristianBookVideos.com recently launched as the one-stop viewing place for Christian book videos on the Internet. Book videos, also called book previews or Book Trailers™, are video advertisements for books that employ techniques similar to those of movie trailers.

Books create movies in the minds of their readers. A book video gives readers a peek into the story in the book helping the reader decide whether to invest the time to read a title. While book videos started appearing in 2002, they grew in popularity when user-generated online video captured the public’s attention. Today, many publishers create book videos for the books they release.

Prior to ChristianBookVideos.com, readers of Christian books faced a chore in finding Christian book videos online. Individuals either had to look on an author’s website, a book’s website, a publisher’s website, or search YouTube, GodTube, or another video sharing site for book videos. This typically meant they could only find videos for books they already knew about; the others were lost in the vastness of the Internet. Now Christian booklovers can go to one website and view the book videos for their favorite authors as well as discover new authors and books to read.

ChristianBookVideos.com will debut their new site at Christian Book Expo in Dallas March 20-22, 2009. Christian Book Expo is sponsored by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) and is expected to be the largest Christian conference this year.

Publishers and authors can submit their book videos to ChristianBookVideos.com for free. Advertising opportunities are also available.

To watch previews of Christian books on ChristianBookVideos.com, visit the website at www.christianbookvideos.com.

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