Wednesday, April 15, 2009


New York: June 12 - 15
Crete: June 29 - July 7
Florence: July 13 - 21

Prices starting at $850.
3 University credits and CEUs available.

The Creativity Workshop uses Writing, Drawing, Storytelling, and Memoir
as tools to explore and develop creativity. The Creativity Workshop will
help you:
+ Believe in your creativity
+ Stimulate your perceptive abilities
+ Find inspiration in the world around you
+ Get over creative blocks and the fear of failure
+ Engage your curiosity
+ Recognize and use your creative instincts
+ Give yourself the time, permission, and nourishment to do creative work
+ Develop a daily practice to accomplish these goals
+ Work collaboratively
+ Use your memories to engage the imagination

For more information go directly to our
extensive informational site:

To hear what past participants say about the Creativity Workshop
experience, please go to:

The Creativity Workshop has been taught to employees of educational,
corporate, cultural and governmental institutions throughout the world,
including: Corporate and Business
Johnson&Johnson - JP Morgan Chase - Procter & Gamble - Sloan Kettering
Hospital - Sprint PCS - The Walt Disney Company - The Connection for
Women and Families - The Nature Conservancy and many others.
For more companies go to:
Educational Institutions
New York and California public school systems - Phillips Exeter Academy
- International Schools: Paris, London and Geneva - Brown University -
Columbia University and many others.
For more institutions go to:


Vivian Glusman, Administrative Associate
25475 Rio Vista Dr
Carmel, CA 93923

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