Monday, April 13, 2009


(Colorado Springs, CO)—NavPress, the publishing arm of the Colorado Springs based U.S. Navigators, announced today that in light of varied challenges in the publishing industry it will discontinue publication of its two magazines, Discipleship Journal and Pray! NavPress will enhance the DJ and Pray! web presence, making use of the incredible resources available in both magazines’ archives.

“It is no secret that we are all in the midst of some very challenging times in our economy and the publishing industry,” says Michael D. Miller, President of NavPress and Senior Vice President of The Navigators. “Magazine publishing has been hit hard. The Internet has been dealing a blow to print media for years. Then the economic downturn—it was like a one-two punch.”

In addition, NavPress is further streamlining its book publishing operations by creating a two-pronged structure, dividing the team into trade publishing and direct publishing groups. Sue Kline, Editorial Director and a 16-year veteran of NavPress, will lead the trade group; Mike Linder, who has served seven years in key roles at NavPress, will lead the direct team.

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