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Churchmouse Publications is a new web-based publishing syndicate created to serve the Christian community seeking creative, well thought-out and well written features to offer their patron groups: periodicals and newspapers; churches and ministries; and faith-based organizations and fellowships. They have issued an open call to new and established Christian authors and creators for submissions in the following areas: Church Administration & Leadership; Children’s Material; Young Adults. To get a copy of Churchmouse Publications most recently updated Submissions Guidelines, please email Prefers to receive queries in the body of your email and submissions as an attached Microsoft Word document. is a ministry service of Micah Web Communications. Launched in October 2008, their goal is to provide a place for Christian women who aspire to write, or are already experienced writers, to share in their passion of writing. Whether you are a novice writer or a published author, their hope is that this web site can be a meeting place for Christian women writers.

Crosslink Publishing, P.O. Box 1232, Rapid City SD 57709; toll-free
800-323-0853; toll-free fax 800-934-6762;; Editor: Rick Bates. Focused on providing valuable resources to authors as well as bringing vibrant and helpful resources to the Christian Community. Estab. 2008. Publishes 10 titles/year.; trade paperbacks. Receives 14 submissions annually. 40% of books from first-time authors. Prefers mss through agents. 80% subsidy; also does print on demand. Reprints books. Prefers 150-300 pages. Royalty 10% of retail or purchase price (whichever is less); no advance. Average first printing 200. Publication within 2 months. Considers simultaneous submissions. Responds in 7 days. Prefers NIV. Guidelines by e-mail; catalog online.
Nonfiction: Complete ms; phone/fax/e-query OK.
Fiction: Complete ms; phone/fax/e-query OK. For all ages. “Prefer fiction that
includes characters overcoming issues via biblical principles.”
Special Needs: Small group studies and devotionals.
Photos/Artwork: Accepts freelance photos for book covers; open to queries from
freelance artists.
Tips: “We are particularly interested in providing books that help Christians
succeed in their daily walk (inspirational, devotional, small groups, etc.).

Your Backyard, 1392 Mapleash Ave., Columbia TN 38401; 931-334-3794; Shelah Bayuk, editor/publisher (
Jesus said to go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in; also to
encourage each other—in love. Monthly/bimonthly magazine and online; 44 pages;
circulation 250+. Subscription $30. 50% unsolicited freelance; 50% assigned. Complete ms/cover letter, query, or query/clips; no phone/fax query; e-query OK. Pays in copies for now for any rights. Articles 350-700 words. (20/year); fiction 350-700 words. (6/year). Responds in 4-6 weeks. Seasonal 3 months ahead. Accepts simultaneous submissions and reprints (tell when/where appeared). Accepts e-mail submission (attached file). Uses some sidebars. Accepts submissions from children and teens. Prefers NKJV. Guidelines (also on Website); copy for #10/2 stamps and $2.50.
Poetry: Accepts 24/year. Avant-garde, free verse, light verse, traditional; 4-32 lines. Submit maximum 3 poems.
Fillers: Accepts 50/year. Anecdotes, cartoons, facts, games, ideas, jokes, kid quotes, newsbreaks, party ideas, prayers, prose, quizzes, quotes, short humor, tips, and word puzzles, 12-150 words.
Columns/Departments: Accepts 12-20/year. CheckPoints (human interest), 350-500 words; Teen Troubles/Challenges, 250-400 words. Has an Opinion Column. Query or complete ms.
Special Needs: Humor, how-tos, photos, cartoons, greeting cards, mission experiences.
Contests: Coloring; poetry; article; and recipes.
Tips: “Write from the heart—share in love. Research and be professional. Do as if for the Lord.”

Inspired Living Magazine and Inspired Living Magazine Online, 3717 S. La Brea Ave., Ste. 111, Los Angeles CA 90016; 323-293-7100; fax 323-293-7200;; Nicolla Renee, editor; Tracy L. Williams, nonfiction/columns editor. A lifestyle resource designed to inspire
women to know what God is saying now in every aspect of life—home, health, family,
work, and beyond (for women 25-45). Quarterly magazine; 54 pages; circulation 20,000.
Subscription $11.95. 40% unsolicited freelance; 60% assigned. Query/clips; e-query OK. Accepts full manuscripts by e-mail. Pays $25-50 on publication for nonexclusive rights. Articles 750-1,000 words. (60/year); book reviews 125 words; music and video
reviews 100 words. Responds in 6-8 weeks (to acceptances only). Seasonal 5 months
ahead. Accepts simultaneous submissions and reprints (tell when/where appeared).
Accepted manuscripts on disk or by e-mail (attached file). Regularly uses sidebars.
Prefers NKJV or The Message. Guidelines/theme list (also by e-mail); copy for 9x12
SAE/$1.96 postage.
Fillers: Accepts 20/year. Anecdotes, facts, ideas, party ideas, prayers, quotes, tips; 10-45 words; no payment.
Columns/Departments: Accepts 6/year. Women Who Inspire (true stories), 150-250 words; Your Spirit NOW (spiritual growth/development); Relationships NOW (healthy relationships); Style & Beauty NOW (fashion, accessories/cosmetics, makeovers, products); Fitness & Health NOW (nutrition, exercise, recipes); Business & Wealth NOW (career); Home & Travel NOW (d├ęcor, lifestyle, vacations); all 500-750 words.
Tips: “Lifestyle columns are most open to freelancers. Also original celebrity interviews, highlighting faith and Christian lifestyles.”

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