Saturday, June 6, 2009


Writers! Those that have been following me for some time will remember that last year I made a special offer to my blog followers. If you missed it, I have had a program for years that if you sign up to get the Christian Writers' Market Guide automatically every year as soon as it comes out (first of January), you can freeze the price at the current level no matter how much the price goes up in the future. So here is where the special comes in. Every year I lose a certain number of those automatic orders through death, retirement, economic reasons, etc., so I am willing to let others pick those up at the rate those earlier customers were paying. (Those automatic orders range from $16.95-$24.99.)This offer is on a first-come-first-serve basis--those who are first to respond will get the lower prices.

The prices are plus postage. If you are intersted, just e-mail me your interest and I will respond with the lowest rate available at that time (realize that even at $24.99 it is $10 below the current price). You can then let me know right away if you want to accept the offer at that level. Also indicate if you have the 2009 edition or you want me to send a copy. Thanks--Sally

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