Friday, September 4, 2009


If you use my market guide you are familiar with the topical listings for book publishers. They are coded with an "R" after the name of the company if they take reprints, and an (S) in front of the listing if they are a subsidy publisher. More recently I have added a (A) in front of the name if they require that you have an agent.

Because I have a new publisher this year, they have made a change in the way those book topical listings are arranged. The pulled out all those with an (A) in front and listed them at the top under the topical name, left a blank line and then listed the rest of the publishers for that topic.

My question is this--do you think that is a change that would be helpful to you as you seek a publisher or would it be a hinderance? And why? E-mail your response to: Thanks for your help.

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